Valley Skerray & rolling

Fiberglass 17’ skerray with keyhole. Is this

a fairly easy boat to roll? Back deck not the

lowest, overall very fun boat to paddle but

haven’t had chance to roll this design yet.

I had no problems with mine.

– Last Updated: May-05-07 7:24 PM EST –

At least until I dislocated my shoulder. But was still ok rolling the Skerray. Getting out of that Ocean Cockpit though became an issue.

ocean cockpit
Ya the ocean cockpit great for rolling &

learning different greenland manoeuvers but for

general use I like keyhole.

great roller!
I had a plastic Skerray with a keyhole for awhile and it was an amazing rolling kayak. Most anything you want to learn can be learned in that boat. I particularly liked it for forward finishing stuff.

One of these for sale
On Craigslist for $1,300 (I think).

skerray input
Thanks for input on skerray, it also seems

like it would be a terrific rough water boat.