Valley / Skerry kayak identification

I need some help in identifying my kayak. It is 16’- 10" end to end, it has a `valley’ sticker on the hull behind the seat it has a retractable rudder and appears to be made of fiberglass. It has a number marked inside the hull,86llve, serial No., maybe?? I would appreciate any help anyone could give me relative to the year manufactured and the model…


Hull ID
Hull ID number is at the stern, find it and email valley. Posting a picture would help ID it.

Valley Skerry

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Here are photos of composite and poly versions of a Skerry. A friend has ruddered one. Alongside my Nordkapp LV and Aquanaut his Skerry seems very high volume. The bow is closer in appearance to a Nordkapp bow than more recent Valley boats.

Ruddered Skerry
Here are 2 photos of a ruddered Skerry alongside a Nordkapp LV

I have a Valley Skerray Excel
It has a sticker on the hull behind the seat stating the model and then has the serial number DKJ94 063 A494. I was told that the kayak was manufactured in 1994. I have no idea what the DKJ or 063 stands for. Hope this helps.

Letters DKJ I believe is the code letters that say the kayak was imported by Great River Outfitters (Stan C).(each importer has a different code) the next numbers are the actual serial number…the A means the kayak was made in January and then you know the rest.(the year)

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you sure it’s a Skerrey? Valley made the sielkie which was also about that length. picture would help…also a width. does it have a chimp pump?

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Could be… the Selkie was 16’6" x 24"

PDF of Valley’s Selkie brochure here:

Photo sure would help.