Valley Skerry rmx cockpit dimensions?

Does anyone know the cockpit dimensions of a Valley Skerry rotomolded? (Or could you go measure yours really quick?)I’m thousands of miles away from my boat and I want to buy a new sprayskirt for it. When I get home I’m going on an expedition & it’d be really nice to have an upgraded skirt.

Everywhere I try to order one the vendor wants to know what my cockpit dimensions are.

Or if you know what size Seals skirt fits that boat that info will work too.

31" x 18"
Valley Skerray RMX cockpit (from outside of rim) is 31" x 18". Cockpit is not as teardrop shaped (or keyholed) as much as some. 8" back from the front of the rim, the cockpit is 15" wide.

Thanx for the help

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That 15" is from the outside of the rim to the outside of the rim, right?

See you on the water!