Valley Storm - Quick Answer needed

For those of you kayak surf folks, can someone explain that you think the seller (or someone else) did to the thigh braces?

Compare to this photo for instance:

Do you know if these braces are removable? Or stopped making them? If not, they must have been cut off fro mthis particular kayak…


You are correct. I owned one for a couple of years and just sold it a few months ago. It looks to me like they have been cut off. I asked him directly on ebay let’s see what he has to say… stay tuned.


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responded pretty quick and this was his reply:

"We bought it as a clearance and had it shipped from 3000 miles away maybe it was demo'd i really dont know if anything was done to it never had a surf kayak before but the cockpit is really snug"

Just to add to my first response to your post, the thigh braces are not removable or adjustable. They a molded part of the cockpit/combing underside. They would have to have been cut off. Don't know if that would be a deal-breaker. I kind of braced under the deck further lateral than those tabs, but other people might use them. Either way he is either misrepresenting what he has or doesn't know. Might be an opportunity for a good deal. Just for some perspective I think $500 is a fair price for a used Storm in good shape (i.e. hasn't had undisclosed homemade surgery). Good luck.

Of course it’s snug…
for him.

He weighs 250 pounds.

Very Aggressive Thigh Hooks…
(at least in the first year model that) I sat in at the RISK winter session a number of years back. Heck, I was only 140 lbs and thought that I would have cut/shaved the thigh hooks down were I to get that boat.


Thanks for the info!
I had asked the seller the question (should have mentioned it here, I guess) and he said he did not know about hooks being there or not.

Congrats on the sale!
I was the one who almost looked at your Storm last year and was planning to actually do it this year when I make my annual trip up towards the Boston area. I gather I’m late for this -:wink: Glad you finally sold yours - has been for sale for some time I recall…

“Specialized” kayaks like that seem to have a rather limited market - my own Valley Rapier took close to 2 years to sell and I finally sold it at such a steal price that it was almost not worth selling…

at 250 lbs …
He probably thought he bought a submarine …

I don’t remember the thigh hooks being too aggressive, but I do think I surfed it with my knees splayed out and did not really need them. And I was too fat for this boat and I don’t weigh 250 lbs.

I surfed
it at 195-200 and thought it wouldn’t take much more than that.

Yup - my tail was a sinking