Valley vacuum infusion layup

I am considering to treat myself a black Qajariaq, and I just read that Valley offers in the 2006 catalogue the vacuum infusion layup as an option. As Sing pointed our, the catalogue may be downloaded here:

I imagine that the standard layup is a hand made process while the vacuuming allows for a lighter boat. Is that it?


While the 2006 catalogue notes the vacuum infusion method only for their two special layups, the weights listed for their boats in standard layup are significantly lighter than those listed in current catalogue.

One could always email Valley and ask.

if done correctly yields a superior part, that has optimal resin content. Resin rich lay-ups are not only heavy, but tend to be more brittle, and not as strong. I believe most quality manufacturers will go to infusion. Recently helped build a 28 lb. 16 ft. touring kayak shell, that when outfitted will weigh about 35 lbs. with valley ovals and day hatch. No gel-coat, carbon, polyester, e-glass, kevlar, and core material. Strong, stiff, light! Nice to see such a great line of kayaks upgrading technologically!

Salty, how many inflow hoses did you use
and what dispersion media did you guys chose ??? Just wondering.

Why not?
Thank you, Wilsoj. It seems that vacuum infusion eliminates excess resin improving the laminate and still keeping or improving the mechanical properties.

On the other hand, I have seen the latest edition of the 2006 Valley catalogue and the vacuum resin infusion process is for the Pro-Kevlar and Ultra-Kevlar kayaks. I understand I should ask Jason Buxton at Valley.


Valley Vacuume Kayaks
Hi All,

Yes it is correct that Valley Pro-Kevlar and Ultra-Kevlar kayaks will be infused for the 2006 season. Typical weights will be 44lbs for the Pro and 38lbs for the Ultra. The difference between the two lay-ups is the Pro has a polyester resin Kevlar reinforced deck whilst the Ultra has a Vinylester resin Kevlar deck. Both have the same vacuum-infused Kevlar/Carbon hull using vinylester resin and gel.

For the 2006 season our standard Diolen kayaks will remain hand laid-up. The weight reduction (standard weight approx 50lbs) coming from changes in the laminate with a greatly reduced use of glass mat and far greater use of cloth reinforcements.

Anyone wanting more information can email me on with any questions or to get a pdf of our 2006 catalogue

Kind regards, Peter Orton

Thank you Peter
Once again, it is great to have someone from Valley reading and paying attention to paddler’s interests and concerns.

I think the new layups are a very good decision. There is no reason that the best desgined boats should not be made in a more efficient manner.

BTW, Nordkapp and Aquanaut LV versions are an excellent decision. Many have been asking about an LV Aquanaut since the boat’s introduction. The possibility of having a Nordkapp that paddles well without a heavy load is also very exciting.