valley (VCP) kayak delivery times

Anyone take delivery of a custom kayak from Valley recently? Just curious how long it took. I’ve been told no more than four months, but I think I’ve heard of much longer times. I ordered one at the start of November and was very much hoping to have it by Spring.



my friend’s one took
only 6 weeks to manufacture.

Delivery was combined with an order from the distrubutor that was filled pretty soon after but the shipping took more than 8 weeks (to Australia).

All up he got the kayak in about 3 1/2 months.

It’s the shipping that takes the most time.

4 months
for my latest one.

If I have even close to that then it will meet my needs (though NOW is what the child in me wants).

Your profile indicates your on the Left
coast. I would not be surprised if the largest part of your wait is in getting the boat from GRO in Rhode Island to Southern Cal.

It will probably depend on how many boats your dealer has ordered. If they did a decent sized pre-season order with GRO (i.e. a whole container of Valley’s) you should get your boat more quickly. You might want to give Andy a call at GRO to clarify?

Just about 2 years ago now…
But a custom layup took around 3 and a half months. A lot of that was waiting for a ride from NY to Florida…

Well worth the wait.

River & Ocean for left coast
Sean Morley handles the west coast. I doubt my dealer has a whole container, but I know the day I placed my order someone else ordered their own Valley boat.

I mainly hoped to have it a month or two before a trip planned for June.

Should be no problem

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Though it likely will take longer to get to the left coast than the right, you should certainly have your Valley boat by Spring. In recent times 6 weeks to 4 months seems to be the range. Again much of the time is shipping.

There's nothing like a Valley ;-)

What boat did you order?

with a few customs like positioned bulkhead + foam set to use instead of foot pegs and a foot pump. Should be better for longer crossings and camp trips.

Great boat!
I’ve had an Aquanaut since Spring 2004 and find it a great all round boat. It is particularly confidence inspiring in clapitos, beam and quartering seas.

Aq LV Sectional
Ordered Dec 2007. Arrived late June 2008.

6 weeks - 4 months
My Nordkapp LV took 6 weeks (thought here were special circumstances.) I gave Tom Bergh my Aquanaut order in summer 2003, but told him I didn’t need the boat before the following season. I believe he placed the order in December or January and it arrived in the US in April. Celia’s Explorer was a whole other very NDK kind of story :wink: