Valley VCP Sectional Kayak for Travel

I enjoy Valley kayaks (own the Nordkapp HM, Nordkapp RM and Avocet RM). I just missed an opportunity to purchase a new, discounted Avocet glass sectional.

Plenty of research, and after owning/selling Feathercraft Airline folder, I'm thinking about sectional (3 piece) Valley, esp as the sections would fit nicely in my covered pickup truck bed. Locked and loaded, secure and stable.

I have posted on here prior about it, but does anyone have any new thoughts on sectionals: +/-?

Tsunamichuck, you digging the Nordy? I think you said it takes about 30 minutes to put together. RobG in his review states about that time, and gives the boat itself a 10/10, but the sectional concept 5/10: why?

I would not be using it to put together for a jaunt on the local lake. I'd be using it for truck travel if I was to hit Wisconsin, Bass Island OH, and other 2-3+ hour sojourns.

Other than ordering one from Valley directly, anyone got a lead on a Valley three piece for sale, used or now? Thanks.

Yeah I am digging that 'Kapp
Alot. Great handling boat. I have been taking off the stern to get it up and down and that takes about 10 minutes to bolt on or off. The bolts in the bow are pretty far forward and hard to get to. The threaded sleeves are in the bow piece instead of the center piece and that makes attaching the bow a pain in the ass. I have managed to get the whole boat together in about 15 munute using my sons impact driver.

i would love to see pics if you’ve got them posted somewhere.

Costly to travel with!
Most airlines won’t take them and the one’s that do charge an arm and a leg! I was going to buy a 3 piece NDK Explorer, but when I investigated the travel cost with it I changed my mind.

I won’t be flying with it.
Thanks for the emails from those of you about Sweetwaters 3-piece Avocet on website. It has sold alerady, I called them.

Just for your info
Kajak Sport also will build their hulls in 3-piece also. We ordered one some years ago for a guy livling in an upstairs apartment in Chicago. He came down in little 2-dor hatchback, and it all fit inside.


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about a 3 piece Nordkapp would you like to see a picture of? I have one.

Best Wishes

A couple here

What the…
My God Roy! Is that a Euro-Blade in your hands in photo #1?

Gasp! :wink:

Chris G

Yes Chris

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I was a traditional paddler for many years, before I became a "Traditional" paddler

prefer the Greenland blades these days

Hate to carry the one piece ones my take aparts:)

Best Wishes

This is my opinion on sectionals
The biggest issue with 3 piece kayaks is moving the bags. One has a sense of 19th century Victorian era expeditions with the camel trains and porters, merely by moving the bags from the car and through the doors to the ticket counter. Then there is the cost, variously interpreted by airlines. Once there, the vehicle proposed to move “the bags” to the water needs to accommodate them in addition to your gear. Once at the water the assembly with a 4 bolt design takes between 20 minutes to 35 minutes. The reach to the forward bulkhead is the issue.

The Tide Race, Nigel Dennis and Rock Pool kayaks use buckles. I have no experience with those. They appear to be much easier to put together. I will say that the 4 bolt design is very stiff. Care must be taken to ensure a very tight fit or you will ship water into your bulkheads. That happened only once. I am assuming that the buckle design folks wanted to eliminate penetrations into the boat which is another reason to do that. Another issue to consider is the added 10-12 pounds to the kayak due to extra bulkheads and hardware. A wise paddler indeed one would be if they carried a pair of ratchets and extended heads in the day hatch.

On the water it paddles like a single piece hardshell. There are no further issues. I’ve put the Nordkapp Jubilee HM through some snarky places, including large surf, tide races, high winds and rocky areas. That boat, now owned by Chuck Freedman, is a fantastic boat. It did everything I asked of it. There were no skegs, rudders or anything to deal with. It went where I pointed it. It was nimble enough (heeled over) for me to get my 3* in it and serve as my solitary all purpose boat.

Where the 3 piece concept comes into play is the length of your trip. If it’s over 2 weeks on the water, then the misery of moving the bags from your door to the destination begins to fade. The hatches, the smooth interior for dragging dry bags in and out, your gear to use at sea in a day hatch all are fantastic on a “your boat wherever you want to paddle it” style trip. Folding kayaks can be a pain in the neck when it comes to surf imploded hatches on the roll top and clip hatches, sliding gear in and out along the frame members, no day hatch and the necessity of a sea sock. Plus they leak a lot.

Most folders have no trouble with a Garcia bear resistant food canister. The Khatsalano, my folder, does. They are a very wise piece of equipment anywhere along the BC or Alaskan coasts. The Valley accepted one in the rear hatch. Most folders are very tough, at least the ones made by Feathercraft. I’ve put as much abuse on it as I have any hardshell and it is one tough cookie. It is a delight, an absolute jewel, to get from my door to the launch of my choice. Night and day different than the sectional concept. Plus, the Khats is fast to paddle, but slow to assemble.

If I were space challenged as in a living environment, I would have the 3 piece as it gives me the option of removing only the rear section, propping up the cockpit and front section in a corner and very fast assembly. The more impediments to the paddle, the less paddling. Additionally, I have few restrictions getting it to some oddball place that looks great to paddle, other than my logistical skills and ability to recruit some folks to help out. My take anyway on the concept of 3 piece kayaks. It works, it shines in certain areas and is pure drudgery in other areas.


Rob G

Thanks, Stick. Kajaksport boats look…

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super nice. I have three Valley boats now and seem to enjoy the fit and finish; hard to change.

If you get a KJS Viking section in your store, Id be interested in it. I gaher that most stores do not stock sectionals routinely; only special order.

Fadedred, enjoy the pics, Nordy HM
I’m looking for something like that boat, yes. Wanna sell yours? Trade you for a Prijon Calabria with Prijon rudder plus a Dagger RPM whitewater boat.

Sweet photos, TSC. I like the color…
and thanks for the assembly info. Sounds like a wicked long extended socket wrench is mandatory.

Nice summary, RobG. Perhaps I shoulda
…bought yours when I was thinking about it in 2006. My loss, TSCs gain.

Lots of info in your post, it’ll live in in Advice archive plus I intende to reread. Thx

Just a 10 inch extension

Thanks you two for posting pics
Roy, the one with the iceberg hanging on the left is an awesome shot.

Like many here I’m in love with kayaks for many reasons but I can’t come up with an excuse to get a sectional but I’m fascinated by the concept…

So Roy I think you have the Nordkap sectional and a Khat…if suddenly you were to head off to a place of your choice to paddle and shipping the kayak was free…which would you choose?

Hey, New York Staters: Avocet 4 Sale
There’s a very nice purple Valley Avocet RM plastic on eBay right now for les than $1000 (retails for over $1600) from a guy who is going to “upgrade” to fiberglass, likely for $3000+ dollars and saving about 5 lbs over the plastic he is selling. But hey, there’s no better way to while away Labor Day weekend each year than with a six pack of Miller Lite and a big bottle of gel coat.

Anyhoo, neat triple layer plastic boat for sale in NY State.

Avocet or Aquanaut RM?

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Are you sure it's an Avocet RM up for sale on e-bay? I did a search and all I could find was an Aquanaut RM (purple in Westchester Co, NY).
Still a good price on a nice boat.


Oops, yes, right, Aquanaut.

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Valley Aquanaut LV and Avocet RM-tcvrider

You know the score, so tel one of your paddling buddies to snatch the eBay one up.