Fer a minoot ah’s reckon’d ah’ be dead an’ gone ta de happy huntin’ grounds…

Put that in your bomb shelter and you’re good for months. I think I’d rather be dead.


I am Sam.
I have a club.
And in that club,
there’s Spam for grub.
Or was that grubs,
whenst clubbed come Spam?
Pupae pate’.
Yes sir! By Sam!

En inzt Vienna,
zay zurv ziz zauzage!
Izt Spam inzt lamb,
viener luuz held hostage.

a day’s supply in Hawaii

Spam, eggs, sausage and spam. That hasn’t got much spam in it.

You can grab Spam breakfast burritos in many places in the Southwest, especially on the Navajo reservation. Never been particularly interested in trying one.

The spam museum is a good trip in Austin, Mn. There are about 26 varieties of Spam.

You can take your SPAM,
into reverse and off the MAPS.
There’s a Bridgeville gone to far,
getting into all the scraps,
where they’re going plain hog wild,
throwing in your eye what’s to them apple.
Yes these scrapes of wrath I Rapa
are Spam’s ugly sister Scrapple!

And you can put that in your SHORTS! (Which is just drinking your Strohs backwards, anyway.)