Value of a 17' Dirigo touring kayak

I have a 17’ Dirigo touring kayak that has teak trim and kevlar/fiberglass hull. I have a gentleman who is interested in purchasing it and I am clueless of it’s value. My father told me there are only 6 like it in the US. Any idea on what I should charge for it?

What I know about Dirigo kayaks is that they were a “hand crafted” Maine product but kind of an oddball as far as touring kayaks go. They are wider than the typical kayak of their length, with a large cockpit and wood cockpit rim that’s more like a spray dodger on a small sailboat than the normal rim that can hold a spray skirt. I believe they have reputation for being well made.

Your 17 footer really isn’t comparable to most 17 foot touring kayaks and realistically would only appeal to someone looking for a flat water cruiser, kind of a large, high-quality version of a recreational kayak. I don’t have a value in mind, but used fiberglass touring kayaks might be worth up to $1500 for something newer and in-demand. Unless you found a “collector” looking for what you have, I’d value it lower than that.

But!!.., that’s just my opinion. Maybe others have more info and might know that these are a rare collectors item and worth a fortune. So, stay tuned for more replies.

400 bucks maybe. It’s a floater like a rec kayak. Old style good for calm waters and Lily dipping paddles.

Wolf is close to the mark on this one. I have three of these boats and depending on condition, they run in thev $800-$1000 range. Made for bigger paddlers, they are stable and faster than you might think.