Value of a 1938 Old Town OTCA canoe

I own a antique 1938 17’Old Town OTCA Canoe, serial

#124519 which was restored and given to me by my sons

upon my 50th birthday. It was lovenly cared for and used for 18 years on Lake Wentworth, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire; stored winters; and garaged/unused for the past 10+ years on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I wish to

sell this bueatiful classic canoe for I am no longer able to experience the joy of paddling. However, I need advice and council to determine its fair market value for listing. Photos, detail specification and the original 1938 build order are available for review.

We do have some wooden boat
aficionados here but there are a few hundred more hanging out at the Post on that forum and you might get a better idea.

As price is what the market will bear there may be quite a range of thoughts.

Specific thread
Here’s the specific thread on WCHA related to values of old canoes.

Just make sure
your sons don’t want it first… Of course its none of my busines, but every time my brother and I go paddling we talk about that time Dad pretty much gave the family canoe to a friend of his with out asking us.


Otcas are fairly
common, not rare. In this current market my prediction is that you will have trouble selling it quickly. If it is in excellent condition I’d be looking for $2000 but I would be prepared to take $1000. Just my opinion which is worth about what you pay for it.