Value of a Kevlar WS Sealution?

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Anyone got any idea what an old Kevlar Sealution would be worth? My 75yo neighbor has one he bought about 20 years ago he wants to get rid of I was just wondering what it would be worth. Boat is red over white with a rudder and has always been stored indoors and rarely paddled.

+/- 1k?
It’s in good shape but an old boat and older obsolete model. Looking at the ads here that stick around, if he wants to sell it promptly, that’s probably around the limit.

If it’s anything like the one I paddled, without a working rudder, it’s practically worthless. With a good rudder and in good shape … maybe … offer him $500.

Is it really that bad?
I have never paddled a Sealution, will have to try it out. He wants me to post it on CL for him since doesn’t have internet access. When did WS stop making them?

He actually tried to give it to me but I already have five kayaks and don’t particularly care for boats with rudders. It looks almost new though.

I had a poly Sealution for a while.
It was a popular rental for a while. Without the rudder it was very playful and some people complained it was too playful. With the rudder deployed it was a very different boat and would track well.

Here is some history.

Interesting history
It seems like I remember seeing a brand new Sealution Pro in a paddleshop circa 2002.

thats for posting that
Very cool article, thanks for putting it up.

Sold mine
I had one a “few” years back.

As others mentioned, it was a totally different animal with the rudder deployed. I’m not a big rudder kind of guy, but was thankful that I had it on that boat some days.

I sold it about seven years ago, and remember feeling lucky to get the $800 that I did for it.

piece of history
As a buyer, I’m a sucker for kayaks which can claim to be a piece of sea kayaking history. As the link posted by Grayhawk shows, the Sealution is such. Were I the seller, I would include Grayhawk’s link in any advertisement, in hopes of attracting a buyer with my mindset. Incidentally, my fleet is full and I’m not a buyer at this point in time.

The Sealution

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was my first composite sea kayak more than 20 years ago. It lacked a rudder and had a strong tendency to weathercock and I added a small, permanent skeg which made all the difference. Really quite a good boat once the weathercocking problem was solved.