Value of a Perception Sealion 17

It’s a composite version, w/rudder, and supposedly used 7 times in 7 years. The seller sent pics, and it looks new (as the seller stated). I’m trying to negotiate the price down to where I’m willing to drive 50 miles for a look. Any ideas on what a “good” price might be?


seller sent the wrong pics…it’s an Eclipse, and it’s a poly boat…still looks new though.

$1073.00 on sale…what’s he asking to start?

The ad read
$850 obo…so I called, the owner (female) didn’t know if it was a composite boat or not, but it’s definately poly. I thought it might be a reasonable starting price if it was composite.

Double check the length as well…
they also come in a 16 foot…

Decent Price
I bought mine used about 7 years ago. Paid $900 and I feel it was well worth the price. Traveling 50 miles is not that far to go for a great boat. I have traveled much further than that to buy a used boat!


For just the kayak
$500-600 is a reasonable price if the kayak is free from gouges and oilcanning

don’t give any indication as to size. She did send a close up of the bow…simply says “Eclipse/sealion”. Is there any kind of obvious difference between the 16/17…maybe different hatches or deck rigging?

exactly what I’m thinking.

16’ Eclipse
I believe the 16’ Eclipse was only introduced this year. If it’s 7 years old, it’s likely 17’


it’s a perception, not the older Aquaterra sealion

The older aquaterra usually sells around $500 or $600, the newer Perception usually sells between $800 and $900, in the spring they usually sell for for around $900. (in good shape)(same with the perception shadow and the CD Squall, the CD Storm…all around $900 in the spring…all plastic…same same

Best Wishes


if it says Sea Lion. The 16-footers were known as Shadows back then.

I got mine a few years back, along with a paddle, a PFD, a small dry bag, a shorty farmer john, a pair of dive booties, and a complete Yakima roof rack system for a grand, and it was a pretty good deal.

The boat alone should be able to be had for $850 max in great shape, in good shape, $750. You determine shape, and then determine just how badly the seller wants to part with a nice boat.

Dicker -and don’t be shy about letting the seller know about the opinions given here by some knowledgeble folks, too. Don’t ram it down the seller’s throat, of course -and of course, be prepared to stick to you numbers and walk away if it’s not the deal you want.

OTOH, if you’re really & truly willing to pay more, go right ahead, make the seller’s -AND your -day: the seller recycles a good boat, YOU GET a good boat, and you’re happy as you


-Frank in Miami

Seller came back…
…with $650, so I’m going to try to have a look at it before my vacation starts on saturday.

Also that pipe thing…
the older Sealion had that keelson (pipe)down the center to strengthen it. Plastic was not as good back then. I don’t think I would spend 500 on one of these boats. But if it were composite in good shape it would be well worth 850.

I think all sealions were Aquaterras…
(not sure though)…but I too was thinking plastic gets old regardless of how often it was used. Older roto hulls can tend to get brittle when cold & malleable when hot.

I’d still be balking at $650. but you’re getting closer!

I agree
50 miles is nothing (unless you have to walk) for a good boat at a good price. I went a 150 miles to get a 3 year old, but still “new” (unused, still in the protective wrapping put on at the factory) at a bargain price

still have a Sea Lion
in kevlar, first in the country i think back when i got it (actually laid up in Canada)…and still love the boat. I will often put first time adult paddlers in it, or those interested in a slow paddle with an emphasis on birds/photography/etc.

Its still one of the lightest boats on the rack.

night and day
a composite sea lion doesn’t do something the plastic one does,it doesn’t develop a heinous hog back bend. I’ve see so many SeaLions/Eclipses go into the water with a hollow keel after sitting on the car rack in hot weather.

my only complaint
was the tracking…seemed like i used the rudder a lot in that boat. The packing for camping was luxurious with the big hatches, but the real beauty is the weight of 42 pounds…still one of my lightest boats.

it’s a ruddered design
for an efficient high volume hull that’s comfortable in waves it’s a good boat, for a ruddered compostite kayaks I’d pick it over any Necky ruddered kayak.

Unruddered the stern slews around too easily.