value of a sea kayak

a friend gave us a very cool looking kayak, but it is not practical for our family. we want to sell it, but don’t know what it is worth. White, 19 to 20 feet long, very narrow, decals say RESEARCH COMPOSITE. It has foot pedals, a nice paddle with it. There are no cleats or handles. Very sleek. Any ideas on its value out there? thank you.

need more info
Post a picture. Do you sit in it or on top? Is there a rudder attached to the pedals? Measure it better. Measure the width of thhe seat area too. What kind of paddle was provided with it? Provide as much info as you can. Look inside for a manufacurer name or number.

You got it for free, right?
So it’s value is zero.

tell that to a prospector

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the value is not what it cost the owner, but what a buyer will pay for it. you're describing cost.

Sounds like an experimental surf ski
Does it look anything like these: ?

Depends on the buyer
Something like this could bring a few dollars

value of a kayak
thank you qajager2, willi_h20, Dr_Disco: yes, it is very similar to those in images you shared. I cannot share photos as I am not a Perks member? but I did get more specs: white, rudder with 2 pedals, length 20’, width at seat 21"1/4", off-set paddle. Sit on top, large storage bin with swirl RC logo. RESEARCH COMPOSITE on sides. No manufacturer tag or number inside or out. Perhaps custom built in Oceanside CA? I want to put an ad on Craigslist and can post images there, but need a ballpark price. thanks again.

If you want
You can email a few pictures and i can post them up on some webspace i have and i can post links to pictures for people to see and maybe ID it for you and its worth. My email you could send too is dc9mm2 at yahoo dot com.

value of kayak - post photos
thank you dc9. I will forward 3 images. someone must be able to recognize this mystery boat!

Which is it?
Not that it has much to do with its value, but what is the length–19, or 20 feet, or is it adjustable?

Does the boat have hatches and compartments? What kind of condition is it in? Does the boat have a rudder, skeg, or what?

my mystery kayak
it is 20’ long. 21"1/4" at sit on top seat. rudder with 2 pedals. has a large hatch, 2 small circular compartments. only a couple very small dings. clean white. no numbers or manufacturer plaques anywhere. Decals are RESEARCH COMPOSITES on both sides. Large swirl RC logo on the hatch cover.

Ok pictures of kayak
Link to pictures of dogpaddlers kayak.

looks like a surfski and not a kayak
to me

mystery boat is a surfski

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thank you all - it appears to be a surfski. any ideas what it might sell for? I am not looking to make money, but I do not have room for it in my garage, and it is too long for me to haul to the beach. someone would like this, right? I've taken it out a few times and it was great fun and fast. we're in san diego.

Test the waters …
try listing it on Craigslist for $1500 - if you get a ton of replies back off and relist it higher. No interest then cut it a $100 bucks a week until it sells.

There are some avid surfski paddlers on paddlingnet that I am surprised have not chimed in. It looks pretty decent.

You might try emailing the list at San Diego kayak club, several folks there have taken up surf skis in the last couple of years.

a few hundred
There is an older ski listed here on classifieds, asking price is 500

Paddle - 20-30

Ask on a surf ski forum
If anyone knows about that model it will be here:

So now it’s a mystery surf ski
Nice looking ski.

The serious racers are always looking for the newest “fastest” boat of the year. “Last year’s” boats go used for around $2,000.

This thing isn’t one of the current crop “last year’s” boats for the past couple of years. And unfortunately it isn’t one of the big name skis. The paddle is nothing special at all. You might get $500 for it.

I’d offer you that if you weren’t on the opposite side of the country.

Start high - leave room for negotiation

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People don't make these everyday in their basement.
Don't get snookered on 100 or 200 dollar give-away price.

Time, labor, materials, and knowledge required
to build a composite material surfski are substantial.

Perhaps consignment at a true kayak shop will
get it out of your garage and gain exposure
for a "fair" price.

Still Cool
I’m still amazed that someone just gave you that surf ski. Why can’t I have friends like that? It appears super clean and I bet it’s a lot of fun.