Value of a Valley Aquila?

-- Last Updated: Feb-02-11 7:58 PM EST --

I have a 12-yr old Valley Aquila in good shape, yellow and white fiberglass, nylon seat, skeg, one professional glass repair 4 inches long, otherwise very clean.

I used to be an active sea kayaker but frankly my arthritis and creaky knees and feet really make it painful, so though I'll miss the handling, I think it's time for something mellower.

Any ideas what it's worth? And the best way to sell it? I am near Rochester, New York, on Lake Ontario. Thanks

not much
I would say $1000 at most, probably $800.

It’s a high volume boat for a bigger guy, Aquanaut, Cetus HV, etc… are all better choices. Several years ago I would see them new, 3 years old, selling for $1600.

If you can get more, then more power to you.

btw. I like the Aquila, I always thought it should have been more popular.

I would say $1000 at most,

OK hardly worth selling then. I thought they were more desirable ;-p Thanks

Problem is the age, old kayaks arn’t worth nearly what new ones are.

I’ve got a couple old ones too, worth more to me than it is to sell.

Bill H.

Sort of like people.

I’ve got a Gulfstream 2000 (10 years old) and I probably wont sell it because I won’t get much for it. It’s a nice stable guest kayak, but sadly it’s just gathering dust right now.

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