Value of an antique alumacraft

Hi all,
I inherited my great uncles 1950(something) 15 foot alumacraft canoe. It has gotten me through many BWCA trips and has some dents and dings but never had a leak. I know my great uncle used to work at the alumacraft factory way back in the day and that’s how he got the canoe. I cannot find anything on its value and I’m wondering if it’s even worth its weight to keep. I should also add- this thing is solid! It weighs over 100lbs and is wider than the average canoe.

My opinion:
It is not that difficult, if you make a concerted effort, to find a near new aluminum canoe for $400.00 or less. Check out prices for aluminum canoes in your area on Craiglist.
As to your canoe having some “additional value” because of it’s age; being old enough to be considered an antique adds no additional value whatsoever.


It would have to be incredibly thick gauge aluminum for it to weigh over 100 lbs if it is a 15’ Alumacraft. Depending on the gauge, 60-70 lbs was typical for a 15’, double-ended, aluminum canoe.

I agree with Bob. Not too many people are going to be looking around for a heavy aluminum canoe with dents these days.

A metal scrap dealer would probably be interested.

Inherited canoe…priceless.