Value of an older kayak

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I have an older, Hyperform (Lettman Design) two-man touring kayak, fiberglass, rudder, about 16.5 feet long that I'm looking to sell. We used the boat on lakes in Yellowstone and Canada in the 80's and early 90's before getting a couple of Sawyer canoes and the boat has been garaged for the last 17 years. I have no idea what the boat is worth and was hoping folks on this forum could make a recommendation. Thank you for any information you can offer.

I got a boat from 1974.

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Old Town Kayak tandem - 16' x 30" wide for free a couple of months back. It was used hard and it showed.

EDIT: Of course, thinking about your post and my response - I don't mean to imply that your boat has no value. I think the value comes from what you want and what a buyer's willing to part with. How you arrive there is the hard part, hence your post.

Does it have front & rear bulkheads?
If the kayak doesn’t have built-in flotation, please think twice before selling it to someone who doesn’t understand the safety issues involved.

If a kayak that length doesn’t have airtight bulkheads fore & aft, it’s not safe more than swimming distance from shore. Bow & stern flotation bags are nowhere near sufficient to displace the volume of water that a kayak that long can hold (there are some who would argue that point, but they’ve probably never had to empty one in a rescue situation).