Value of Mad River Guide Series

My father passed away, leaving me a Mad River Guide series Royalex 14’ 7" solo with wood trim. I doubt it’s been used more than a handful of times. It is pristine - no nicks, scratches, fading or cracking. Any thoughts on a value?

Usually an old boat even if new
in RX is not going to fetch four figures. Its heartbreaking but its just reality.

That is a good boat… and in its last incarnation was the Freedom Solo.

Mad River Guide
The value is always what someone is willing to pay.

That being said, the Guide is no longer made, and the Freedom Solo is but a shadow of the original Guide in my opinion. I have some experience with both; having owned 2 of each.

The Guide I held onto is an original. Like yours it is wood trimmed, was seldom used, and is in near pristine condition. If I were to sell it; the buyer would most definitely be paying more than a thousand dollars.

Mine is not for sale, nor will it be in the forseeable future.


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So, you’re selling it?
Anywhere near Idaho?


There is a Freedom Solo for sale in NY

Vultures are us.
How rude I am. Sorry for your loss. Maybe you will enjoy paddling your father’s nice canoe.