value of my kayak

Hello. I lost my job during themain pandemic and unfortunately have to sell my kayak. I don’t really know the value at all and wondered if anyone could help. It’s a Destiny sea kayak. The company has gone out of business but it’s still a great boat. I bought it for about $2000 about 23 years ago. Any advice on a reasonable selling price would be appreciated. Or is this is not the correct place to ask those questions then a point in the right direction would be great!main

Maybe someone else knows the Destiny? I do not know the brand. My comments are based on simply buying/testing/reselling a kayak just for the fun of trying a new hull.

From the info and photos you listed, here are a few questions/observations: How long/wide/heavy? What year was it manufactured? What construction? (appears fiberglass/) Does it have a skeg? bulkhead(s)/dry compartment(s)?

Looks nice however a few concerns I see: No bow/stern toggles, no deck lines, odd shaped cockpit (in case someone wants to use a sprayskirt), manufacturer out of business = repair parts (i.e. hatch covers) will be hard to locate.

I wouldn’t be interested enough to call about it unless you were asking $500-$600 or less - and I would not pay that much. Only way I would see someone paying more would be if there is a Destiny sea kayak groupie who “has” to buy your kayak for nostalgia sake.

Unfortunately, kayaks don’t appreciate and age works against you. I think you won’t be able to get half what you paid for it. There are people here who buy and sell a lot who can give you a better idea.
Calling Medwagone!And good luck!

Wanna sell it fast for “market value”? Start looking for comparisons as close by and as similar as possible. Take the lowest price of these, drop a bit off (10% or so) and that’s your price. Doesn’t matter what it’s worth. It matters what someone will pay. There’s a difference.

Wanna get the best price? Same idea but you’re looking for the highest priced similar boats. Be prepared to wait for just the right buyer. Hone your BSing skills.

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There are some great boats out there built by companies that no longer exist. You have no name recognition going for you. Fiberglass boats that are well made, like yours, used to cost a lot. The canoe and kayak market seems strong to me right now. I am guessing you have a $1,000-1,200 boat. You can tell a lot by looking up similar traditional long fiberglass sea kayaks. It may be worth less. Marketing is important. This forum is a good place to sell it. I just sold a canoe here.

A boat by this manufacturer was for sale on EBay this January for $1795 used. Claims was $3600 new. Description partway down this page. Manufactured in Washington State. Destiny was a small company that was only in production for a few years around 2000.

Price seems a bit high, and it did not sell on Ebay, but probably sold by some other means.

Assuming that the boat is in good shape I agree with ppine that $1000 - 1200 would be reasonable, especially due to the apparent high demand at this time. However, lack of name recognition may hurt the resale price. Uncommon outside of the Pacific Northwest.

It’s a really nice-looking boat and I hope you get a good price! Take good pictures and list it widely.

Thank you all!! very good info.

Sorry to hear this. Where do you live? What industry are you in? Perhaps someone here can help on the job front.

I’m in the tech world and am happy to help if I can…

Personal note: It is possible to find a job during these unusual times…I started a new job four weeks ago, after looking for a while…

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I think if you emphasize the light weight and provide a good number of decent photos in ads you might get a decent reponse. It’s a very unique looking kayak.

In your for sale posting, do you best to research the make and model and provide specs (length, width, weight, and materials at a minimum).

Not knowing the boat nor any specs, so just going by the photos: looks like a composite boat. And in decent shape. You should be able to get at least $1k for it. $2k might be a stretch, but you could start up toward that.

Sorry I didn’t post the dimensions. Here they are? Should I have more dimensions or are these the ones that people will need?

It’s a fiberglass boat.

Length of the Destiny Kayak - 16 ft. 9 inches

Greatest width - 28 inches

Cockpit - 36 inches long, 19 inches wide. 19 does not sound wide but I think it’s very room for anyone who is not obese.

There is no skeg and it has a foot controlled rudder that raises up.
There are front and rear bulkheads that are sealed off from the cockpit.
It has decklines in the front and back and near the cockpit.

I have a spray skirt and a 2 piece fiberglass paddle.

That’s very kind! I live in Seattle. I would love to talk if you do have any connections and that would be so appreciated.

Your details make it a much more appealing kayak than your initial photos.

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