$ Value of Old Town Laker Canoe?

I have a 16’ Old Town Laker Canoe, hand laid fiberglass construction, 1979-1980 vintage. It has not been used in over 20 years and is in very good to good condition. Just a few gel coat scratches on the bottom, weighs 72 lbs., has a keel.

I don’t have a clue as to what it might be worth. Since the local lake where it was used is long gone not much point in keeping it.

five hundred dollars to the right buyer.
Some people just want to have that sort of thing. OT fiberglass work was neat but not sophisticated. Today one can get all sorts of “FG” canoes that are lighter and faster.

Value considerations…
Most paddlers do not want a canoe in the 30 +/- year old range.

Most paddlers do not want a canoe in the 70 lb +/- weight range.

Most paddlers do not want a canoe that has a keel.

I’d venture to say prospective buyers of canoes with those attributes? are few, and far between.

There may be someone prepared to pay 500 dollars for such a canoe, but think it more likely you might find a buyer prepared to pay 350 dollars.

Just my opinion of course.

Good luck,


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I have a similar canoe,
and even in a kevlar composite layup, but it is older and heavy. Did not sell in fall due to lack of interest.

I like it, and decided to keep it, rather than give it away.

Since your immediate area is now out for flat water, somebody more remote might be interested, but travel and time is a consideration for buying price.

There always will be low-ballers.

I’d list it for $450, if trying to sell again.


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Thank you. Sorry yours didn't sell. I paid $440 new for it 30+ years ago but like you I'm not interested in giving it away. I suppose I'd be happy with $350 or so.

I bought it expressly for fishing which is what its designed for and it always worked well for that. With its keel it tracks well across a lake even with wind. Since there are lakes within a hours drive maybe someone around here will be interested.

If you sold the canoe for 350 dollars; you would get approximately 80% of your original investment back.

Having paid 440 dollars for the canoe originally, and keeping it for 30 years; the boat has cost you approximately $14.50 per year rental fee. You would get the vast majority of those costs back if sold for 350 dollars.

Sounds like a win/win deal to me…


$350 about right BUT,…
$440 back in 1983 is probably equivalent to around $1100 today adjusted for inflation. Regardless though, probably the canoe has more nostalgic value than design/construction/paddle value. Good luck selling the canoe!

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