Value of Old Town Wood and Canvas Canoe?

I know someone who has a 16 foot Old Town wood and canvas canoe that was supposedly built in the 30s. It appears to be in good shape. How much might this be worth? He is considering selling it. Is there a good market for older boats such that he may be able to sell it for what it’s worth, and if so where….???



Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

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has classifieds.

Value depends on a lot. What might look good might be dry rotted or all the brass tacks gone.

I have seen one that the owner thought was worth a bit and all that was holding it together was the old canvas..

With the skin removed all the pieces fell in a pile like old bones.. Value as firewood.

WCHA has Old Town experts that can help date the model and find the grade and also help with value. They also have a classified section.

The WCHA Assembly is a great way to get feedback on a particular boat especially if it can be brought to the site at Paul Smiths NY..

Anyway check the site at

Some 1930ish boats fully restored go for three grand or more. Rare ones even more. Thats why its important to know as much about the model as possible.

Serial Number
The serial number should be stamped on one of the stems on the inside of the canoe. Old Town use to send a photo copy of that specific boat as to which model it is, when and where it originally was sold, how much it originally sold for. They also use to include photo copies of the pages from that years catalog for that particular canoe model. A phone call or email to Old Town might let you know if they are still doing this and what their fee now is for this packet. No this won’t set the price for the canoe, but it at least will determine exactly which canoe it is and that might help determine the rarity or paddling characteristics for this particular boat.

They still do for boats prior to the 80
s but you will get a faster response from this

Heck you might even learned whose grandpa built it.

How Much is my Old Wooden Canoe Worth?