Value of Perception Dancer...

Looks like it is in good shape. What would be an approximate value for this kayak:

PERCEPTION DANCER (don’t think it’s the XS version it’s the 11 ft version), approximately 18 years old. They are also throwing in a no-name paddle.

…I am just looking at an older beater to practice some rolling and take on a creek or two.

One more thing, any other kayaks you folks think would be good at beginning the moving water side of the sport?

Polyethelene that old may be brittle.
And as a design, the Dancer no longer has anything special about it. I can’t encourage you to take that boat on for any reason… not when much more modern, safer, sounder poly kayaks go used for $400 or so.


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Boats to concider for whitewater.

Dagger RPM or Pyrana Inazone 230 or Wavesport EZ. The exact model depends a bit on your weight.

I sold mine for $150
a couple of years ago. It was an XT. Go over the bottom with a fine tooth comb for cracks. Don’t even bother if it was been stored outside. If you are looking for a beginning river runner that or any of its contemporaries would be OK. If you are looking for a beginner playboat keep looking.

Thank you all
for your insight. I will keep shopping!