Value of Used 13' Grumman Canoe

What is the value of a used 13’ Grumman canoe; in excellent condition. There is one for sale for $400, I desperately want it but I really want to pay $300 for it, maybe $350. The owner said it is at least 25 years old. One major reason I want it so bad is because I’m a history freak and I believe this canoe fits right in. Is $400 worth it? Sorry I know it is only $100 difference. Thanks anyways.

Depending on the local market. I see many decent condition 16-17 ft Grumman and Alumacraft boats in the MPLS area for $400-$500.

Around here…
…that would be about $100 to $150 more than the usual price.

buy it
on average…1200.00 new, Used, in fair condition, up to 600.