Value of used Outer Island

How much is a 10 years old fiberglass Outer Island in good shape worth?

Kayak is collecting dust in my garage, someone else will enjoy it

one of these?

If they are really getting $3500 new for glass ones, I would guess yours would still be worth $2500. I am not sure if there is enough demand for you to get what it is worth or not though.

If it’s in pristine shape maybe $1500. Not exactly a sellers mkt.

liquidation sale
Unfortunately Impex recently went under.

Two schools of thought on how this effects your value: either now your Outer Island is a collector’s item and will be worth more in the future, or its value is reduced due to the liquidation sale…

(note I actually have no idea how the liquidation sale works, its just been in an ad on the right side of this website lately. I recently paid $1300 for a used glass Mystic, and now theres a new one for $1500 on that website.)

Check up north?
The OI is a bit of a niche boat, but it showed up in some of the northeast paddling groups out of CT for ex. We used to see an OI or two when those folks traveled to paddle up this way. It might be worth seeing if anyone out of ConnYak or North Shore Paddlers Network is doing some spring travel down your way and would beinterested.

Well known boat in ConnYak
It was designed by one of the club’s members. Not sure what the glass ones are worth. There’s a lot of homebuilt ones in the club, and a few glass ones as well, so it’s no stranger around here, as Celia said.

No takers
I’ve tried several times on PNet, eBay, and our local club to list a pristine, glass, ocean cockpit OI for $1500: no takers. As has been said, it is a niche kayak made more-so by the OC, which by the way is plenty roomy relative to other Greenland kayaks. My sense of its niche is fast A to B club paddles combined with rolling practice. If this shoe fits, then the OI is a great choice, especially if you have other kayaks to suit other purposes.

To clarify …
When I first started kayaking the hot boat to have was the Nordcapp (HM?) the one with the back end like a skeg. All boats then were 17.5 - 18 - Foster, Current Design, Necky etc. I learned almost all my skills emulating paddlers in the Nord with the skeg hull. Everyone leaned boats to turn sharp or maneuver in tight quarters. The wood OI is quite good in rough water although by today’s standards its a stronger tracking boat. But not like the glass OI. Since Impex has closed, I feel I can talk a little bit. They have been great to me. The glass OI has a drop down skeg and when it’s up it creates a pressure area that makes the further tail of the boat track stronger. The wood one doesn’t need a skeg. It was never designed as a nitch boat. It was and still is a good performer in a wide range of conditions and it’s fast. Wood plans get sold all over the world and I get overwhelming compliments from experienced paddlers who have some of the other hot sea kayaks in mass popularity. Unfortunately the skeg thing on the glass one put the tracking a bit over the edge. The Force 3 and 4 were designed as OI’s with more rocker and some other tweaks. Too bad about Impex. They actually outsold all other glass boats about 5 years ago. Too bad (not for me) but they were a good company and stood by their products. The OI would have fizzled anyhow because of lack of popularity. People want shorter, highly maneuverable boats and with lots of initial. They are willing to give up hull speed. I paddle them all and when I get back into my wood OI, it just glides along so effortlessly. I’m not trying to sell anything because I too like to play in a short maneuverable boat.

So Not Crazy
I paddled both wood and FG versions of the OI and thought the FG tracked much harder. Thought I was crazy since everybody said they were the same. Agree about Impex and still think the Force is one of the great touring designs. Sad.

As for niche boat…maybe a reasonable view, but I know someone who has done a great deal of touring in one and for an general boat the wood one would be a great choice.

Ed Lawson