value of wooden canoe

My club has two old wooden canoes that nobody uses. Do they have any value (monetary, emotional, or otherwise) out there in the world of canoeists? What other information do you need to know to give a good answer? I can post detailed pictures if you tell me what details are important.

Here’s what I know:

They’re all wood (no canvas or fiberglass), made of strips running longitudinally. Smooth exterior (the strips butt; they don’t overlap). There are many lateral ribs on the inside. There are no built-in seats, but we have a couple of broken wooden objects that are alleged to have been removable seats. Somebody told me that the fact that the nails have been filed smooth is a sign of quality.

Both would require some work before being paddled: one has a hole in the side, and the other has some unfinished wood on one side.

I tried to get an account at, since they’re specialists in this issue, but my request has been in for a few days – no response.

One club member suggests we have a Viking funeral for them. Any better suggestions?

– Mark

Try the WCHA again
Everyone was just at their annual assembly (Wednesday - Sunday) and should be getting home today.

Old strip built canoes worth a lot
Old canoes like that with copper or brass fasteners can be worth a lot if they can be easily restored. To build a new one using those methods takes upwards of 300 hours of expert wood working skills and up to $1000 worth of the finest wood and materials available.

New guideboats built of similar materials regularly go for over $10,000.

step away from the matches …
They sound like planked cedar canoes. There’s a real good possibility they date back to the turn of the century (think Rushton) or were made by some drug-addled hippie in the 1960s.

If you’re going to burn them, let me know and I’ll gladly get “rid” of them for you.

Suggest checking with a quality builder.
Try Daniel at DragonFly:

Try to get any info, numbers, letters and such, normally found on the inside stems.

Please do not burn them. Do not know how valuable, but I think ribbed strippers are not that common.