Van Topping a Q700XL

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I have a full sized '91 econo van. I have a 5 foot spread between two bars with saddles (the type where the strap goes around the boat and the saddles are between the strap and the boat).

On the 700 the bulkheads on mine are 5 foot apart. The rear bulk head is directly behind the seat so there is quite a bit more boat behind the rear bulkhead sticking past the bar than there is in front of the front bulkhead stickinng out past the front bar. I hope I have described this situation clear enough to be understood.

My question is should I place the boat with the bulkheads directly above the saddles(and let the rear stick out more than the front (as described above)) or slide the whole boat forward so thet there is more of an equal amont of boat sicking out from each end past the carrier bars? Is it more important to have the straps strap around the bulkheads or is it better to have the kayak more balanced on the carrier?


PS I do not cinch down the bow a strern straps. They do not "hold" it down. They are there only for emergencies.

Van Topping Q700
By all means locate the boat so that the saddles are directly underneath the bulkheads. Much less stress on the gelcoat this way. Who cares if the boat looks like it’s farther back on the van rather than balanced fore and aft?

bulkheads over saddles, yes!
Put a flag on the stern. Drive carefully!

Flagging the stern
I judge where the overhang is in relation to walls, cars, light poles etc when I am parking. Might keep a geezer in a rented Winnebago from nerfing your baby!