Vancouver and North Kayaking

Anyone out there or whose been out there sea kayaking got any contacts or advice for a 5 - 7 day kayaking camping trip? My finances are limited and i live on the East coast.

What do you want to know?
Lots of different places to go here – what exactly are you looking for?


re Vancouver paddling
Check out and give eco marine on granville island a call

What do i want to know
I’ve done quite a bit of whitewater canoeing, raft guided for 18 years now, and sea kayaked summers in maine. Now i want to see whales, orcas, … Be able to say i’ve been to North America’s rain forest coast, all that stuff. But a full ride trip when i look it up seems just beyond my means unless i clean my piggy bank out.

More of what i want
I wonder if there are some kayak or outing clubs with trips up that way that would allow me to pull such a trip off on a limited budget. If i had the summer off and money to spend i might drive out and just go but . . . if wishes were horses . .