Vancouver Island Record Attempt

Vancouver Island Speed Record Attempt Circumnaviagtion ongoing now:

“Keirron Tastagh (Adventurous Experiences, Isle of Man, UK) with partner Jeff Norville (geologist at Hart Crowser, US), aim to complete the 700 nautical mile journey in two weeks (present record of 28 days in a single kayak [Leon Somme of Body, Boat, Blade]), and prove that the sleek and manoeuvrable Sea Kayaking UK Triton double kayak can be used for longer expeditions. Read some of the details about our trip here [coming soon].

Now, why pink? Our mutual friend Ginni Callahan handled a surprise round with breast cancer with typical grace near the end of 2007. In a letter recently circulated among Ginni’s friends (pdf), we invite folk to help out with medical bills by donating directly to her. We’re also encouraging donations to your local breast cancer research foundation too (credit cards accepted). Read more about this.”

Shameless bump…
Should be approaching if not rounding Cape Scott (northwestern tip of the island) today. On to the exposed west coast. Gale force weather inbound on the west coast apparently–very typical for the west coast of Vancouver Island. Should start to get interesting now.

Maybe you ran into
a solo open canoeist i know who is understood to also be circumnavigating the island right now. He is doing it in open tandem canoe, no gps or cell phone or other method of communication.

Nope. Haven’t heard about canoeist.

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I should make it clear that I don't even personally know Jeff or Keirron, but have spent a few days doing small parts of what they are now trying to do.

There's alot about canoeing I don't know, but I sure wouldn't want to be out in an open canoe off the west coast of Vancouver Island, an area known as the Graveyard of the Pacific, as it would appear you would know about.

I was there when these guys launched
…well, not RIGHT there, but they launched with the help of Leon from Body, Boat, Blade, and I was back at their shop getting ready for my rolling class at the time…

Leon actually holds the current circumnavigation record at 28 days, I think (but that’s solo).

I was told that Nigel Dennis actually built this boat and donated it.

28 days solo
Yup, Leon did almost the entire Island in 28 days back in the '90’s in a Romany kayak.

The boys in the tandem are paddling a Nigel Dennis Triton II.

In July, I’ll be doing the same trip myself and chasing down the solo record.


Pinned down by gales…
Jon Walpole narrates, “The outlook for the following days is strong to gale force northwesterlies, then another storm system coming in Wednesday. Welcome to the “wild” west coast! – Jon”

Finsishing tonight…

Finished in just under 20 days!
They are done! I’ve posted a couple comments on their trip on my website along with a little news on my own attempt on the solo record this summer.

Cheers…Joe O’

Good luck on your attempt, joe_o. NM