Vancouver island Sunshine Coast 4-5 day

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Suggestions for 4-5 day sea kayak trips out of western canada for mid march. I will be doing a fully self supported kayak trip starting on march 13 and I am still open to suggestions. Broken group , clayoquot (hot springs cove) are sounding pretty sweet so far.

Consider posting on…

Victoria/Vancouver-centric. Tons of local expertise on all facets of Vancouver Island and the mainland.


Also once you decide…
…which side of the island you are going to visit you must beg, borrow or buy the guides published by John Kimantas and Coast & Kayak Magazine.

For the Sunshine Coast get “the Wild Coast 3”

For any part of the outer or west coast get “the Wild Coast”.

If you visit the west coast you will be planning your next trip. Consider buying “The BC Coast Explorer” which covers Port Hardy up around Cape Scott to the Broken Island Group.


Thanks Jon I am leaning towards the west coast the more I research about it. And hot springs sound really appealing to me as I am currently up north in -44 Celsius lol. I could see this being a major draw to kayak camping early in the year .


There is more to kayaking BC…
…than the Sunshine Coast or any part of Vancouver Island. VI is spectacular but the entire north and central coast is accessed by ferry from Bellingham, WA or Port Hardy, BC. Not great for 3-4 day trips but definately worth considering as a destination that you will never forget.

Read up on the Great Bear Rainforest, White Bears, Brown Bears, Coastal Wolves, the rich First Nations heritage that is everywhere if you look around. Paddling with Humpbacks everyday. Crazy tidal exchanges.

Plan a few weeks if you can and enjoy.


Have read about some of the northern paddling and only wish I had the time! Maybe in A couple months… If I’m lucky. I’m on a 14 & 7 shift in alberta. Gonna drive all night to make this happen! Thanks a lot for the link I just posted there, very nice site. I wish I was into kayaking when I lived in van.

Thanks again buddy