Vancouver Island

I know a lot of people have paddled around Vancouver Island over the years. Most people, for obvious reasons, do the trip in summer. I’m trying to find out if anyone has circumnavigated Vancouver Island in winter. Anybody have any info?

not mid winter but
one of your fellow Washingtonians did it last spring from March 15, in 43 days. i have never heard of a winter circumnav of the Island as it would be miserable and exta dangerous. and just plain miserable. i’ll depart on my attempt at months end.

Happy Trails!
Have a fun safe trip. Counter-clockwise?

yes inside first.
doing it the other way would not only invite trouble, going this early, but would also be doing the most exciting side first. not the way i would want to approach it.

thanks for the well wishes. James

Inside is boring till
Seamour Narrows, or the east side of Quadra. After that it’s OK. Round the top and down to Barkley sound is awesome. Why not start at Campbell River and avoid the boring stretch, which BTW has very little in terms of camping. Lots of private property.

The only reason to o the boring bits is to say you did the whole gig…and noone will ever really care… I say maximize the fun. Go for it!

not the only reason
no doubt the south east inside isn’t the focus of the trip, as an Island resident of less than a year, it is a good way to experience the whole coast of the Island, visit some people and places along the way and get a better sense of the geography of the place. a number of people in my paddling community have expressed this opinion to me as well though…

hey james
we’ll have to chat sometime in the fall when you are done your season in Tofino, i’m planning the same trip you are doing for next spring! curious to compare notes and get some recent first hand info on certain sections!

i’ll give you a shout this week, the dvd should be in tommorrow or thursday!



i mean TITS 3!

hey Mike. Michael P gave me one of his advance copies to watch. unbelievable, it is so incredible. i can’t get over what Paul Cafyn has accomplished.

heading over to Orcas next week to demo the Romany Surf and compare it to the Ex HV.

cheers, James