Vancouver Island

Hi folks,

I am currently involved in a writing project on Solo Canoeing small lakes on Vancouver Island. I would love to hear from you if you have a favourite lake on Vancouver Island that you love to paddle and why it is your favourite.

Here is a list of the lakes I am hoping to visit over the next year or so: Hoomak Lake, Haihte Lake, Claude Elliot Lake, Klaklakama Lake, Zeballos Lake, Schoen Lake, Main Lake (actually on Quadra Island), Twin Lake, Patterson Lake, Amor Lake, Buttle Lake, Jim Mitchell Lake, Bedwell (and Baby Bedwell) Lake, Quinsam Lake, Wolf Lake, Regan Lake, Forbush Lake, WIllemar Lake, Nimnim Lake, Ash Lake, Oshinow Lake, Tsable Lake, Poum Lake, Lacy Lake, Loon Lake, Bainbridge Lake, Peak Lake, Labour Day Lake, Rhododendron Lake, Nanaimo Lakes, Hemer Lake, Quennel Lake, Boomerang Lake, Somenos Lake, Mesachie Lake, Shawnigan Lake.

Any thoughts or comments on my choices would be welcome. I’m really interested to know if anyone on is active on the Island. There are so many great lakes, but very little written about them.


Might try posting your question to this website forum
Richard, checkout the forum. Even though this is generally a hiking forum they do have paddling members. One of the more adventuresome paddling circuits on Vancouver Is is the Nitinat Triangle. Search the British Columbia topic for it. Enjoy.

Thanks, both good suggestions, much appreciated.