vanished skeg...

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A couple weeks ago, I asked about finding a replacement skeg cable for my new (used) Valley Avocet. Now I have a different question: while I was waiting to replace the cable, the skeg was stuck sticking down a couple inches. While we were playing around in a shallow bog, the skeg somehow vanished into the muck. So now I don't have to worry about a skeg anymore. So far, I prefer the Avocet without a skeg, and I'll mostly be using it for rolling practices and surf, and doing crossings in my other boat. Is there really any reason to get a new skeg? Does anyone paddle an Avocet and just not bother with a skeg?. ( or alternatively, does anyone have any useful tips on making a homemade replacement skeg? A new one costs a fortune!)

It’s nothing more
than a piece of plastic. Borrow someone else’s skeg to trace the shape of it. Most important for proper operation is the “hook” that it pivots on.

With common hand tools, it would be fairly easy to make one out of a thin plastic cutting board or even a decent piece of wood.

Avocet skegless
I rarely use skeg in my avocet I could be happy

without one. I use it if I’am tired & it’s


Leave the skeg out
Sounds like you answered your own question, especially given what you are using the boat for. If, down the road, you find you want it back, it should be a snap to replace as above. I rarely use the skeg on my Avocet and don’t think I would miss it.


Good to know…
A scenario to store in the back of one’s mind.

I know they are easy to remove once the cable is disconnected, so I guess it’s best to remove the skeg if your cable breaks.