vcp aquanaut fit

I just bought an aquanaut. I love the boat but find that after a bit in it it is a bit uncomfortable. the boat does not have thigh pads has anyone added them? I understand this was an option. the seat is also a bit like having a tennis ball under my crotch after a while. and my leg tends to sit against the control for the skeg. the boat is a few years old. has anyone updated older boats to newer outfitting. the new vcp seat system looks super nice, and so does P&h’s. I am still hoping I will maybe get used to the fit and not have to modify it. I have only paddled it twice, so I dont want to jump the gun yet. thanks in advance!

Newer seat…

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My Nord LV has the new seat and I find it very comfy although I did remove the pad just to get lower, I left the hip pads in. I glued 1/4 inch minicell sheet under the coaming and down the sides covering the skeg slider and it works well.

Lower Nordy seat question

When you removed foam and lower your Nordy’s seat, did the seat end up resting on the hull?

I have a similar setup in my new Aquanaut LV. There is not that much foam holding the seat pan off the hull. My concern it that if I remove it I am going to end up with the problem of the hung seat eventually abrading a hole in the hull.


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I just removed the pad on top of the seat and didn't lower the seat. My thoughts were the same as your's. It didn't look like I would gain much for all the trouble and probably get into abrasion problems. The more I paddle it the better it gets, I am almost thinking about reinstalling the pad.

Aquanaut fit
What year Aquanaut and which seat does it have?

I’ve got about an inch of minicell on each hip and 3/4 inch under the deck and what qualifies as flanges in Valley boats.

My 'naut is a 2004.

The slider control indent is commonly an annoyance. Some glue a layer of thin mini cell. My boat has a rear cleted rope skeg, so I haven’t had to address that issue.

I know a few people who have
installed the new seat in some older valley boats. Not a difficult process. The fitting for the skeg slider can be a PITA for some people in Valley boats and the suggestion about placing some mini cell foam over it is a good solution. If some people are going to be ordering their boats they can have the skeg slide move to the back deck so there is no interference with your legs. I have that arrangement with both my Nordkapp and Avocet and it works well for me.

new seat
kkayakk, do vcp dealers have access to just parts frop valley, such as the seat? seems like this would be a nice upgrade for an older boat as outfitting keeps getting nicer. any idea what someone may expect to pay for the parts? thanks for your reply.

I’ve got a ‘05 Nordkapp and here’s what I did. It’s worked out great for me so far–very happy:

As you see in this photo: ,

the backband d-ring cracked the fg seat for me anyway. Did a repair and reinforcement and cut slots like the older style seats for the backband. Rock solid, simpler, less parts and less to go wrong.

Because of the cracking on a boat less than a year old, GRO sent me out a new style seat and told me to drill holes in the deck either side of the cockpit to install the new seat. IMHO, this is a bad design. Anytime your making holes you’re introducing potential for further wear and eventually that hole will open up (get larger as the seat flexes) and cause yet more damage as time goes on and also eventually leak. That’s happened to at least one poster on this site I’ve talked to.

In addition, in looking at newer Nordkapps, its’ clear that the deck around the exterior of the cockpit flange has been redesigned (flat spot) to accept the screws and seat. There is no way the new seat would attach to the deck appropriately or reliably with my '05 'kapp. After examining the new seat and all it’s mechanical parts for adjustment and attachment, I was very happy to keep my fg seat with minor mods. Just my opinion. Good luck.

Which boat?
Plastic1, is this a plastic Aquanaut? it make a dif if it is. A friend with a newer Avocet in plastic ripped out his torturous seat and put in something different. If this is your case, I can ask him what he put in.

Be careful assuming that the newer outfitting is improved. In the case of the Avocet, the older foam seat is much better.

this one is 'glass. I plan to paddle it a lot before doing anything drastic. I assume it is partly just taking time to get used to it. thanks

Plastic1 contact GRO at
401.667.2670 and speak with Andy. Tell him the year of your boat and tell him what you are trying to do, and he will advise you as to its feasibility. GRO is the North Amreican Distributor for Valley Products and they can get you the new seat if your local dealer cannot. Good luck…

A COMFY choice: Redfish Kayak seat
Have you ever sat in one of Joe Greenley’s seats? I have, and like many others who have put far more mileage in a boat than I will in my lifetime…also rave about this seat.