VCP Avocet question

Is there any difference between the glass and roto molded Avocet in terms of the hulls, cockpit size and fit or characteristcs on the water?

The poly and glass Avocet have pretty much identical hulls. IIRC the the poly Avocet cockpit is a little tighter and also includes thigh braces. The glass Avocet requires you to make your own minicell outfitting. Of course, we could also argue about the performance differences between poly and glass.

Seat difference
Also, I believe the seats are different with the RM having a foam seat and the glass boat having the standard Valley seat. Interestingly, the standard layup glass weighs the same as the RM version.


Mybe it’s my imagination but…
I swear the 2005 RM version has a little better cockpit fit than other Avocets I’ve tried. Could be hallucinating that though - it’s still loose for me so it was just something I noticed while trying out a friend’s.

Try mine …
next time we’re at the pool. It’s a 2004 (I believe). By my measurements it’s max dimension is about 15.5" wide and 29.5" long. The specs say 29.5" x 16".

Will do
We figure on trying for the open practice session in March - if that doesn’t work out I’ll get into it on a spring (brr) paddle.

2006 Avocet
Valley has made considerable changes for 2006 composite boats. They have gone back to a redesigned plastic seat, (you can still special order a hung glass seat) they will now be epoxying in the bulkheads instead of the previous glassed in ones.

They are also offering 2 new lighter layups (I heard there was an Avocet that weighed 34lbs) as well as their standard glass hand layup. These are just some of the changes that I am aware of. I don’t think there are any changes in the poly boats.

more poly boats
Valley is introducing a poly Nordkapp and a srtipped dowm poly Aquanaut.

And an HV Aquanaut in plastique …$file/Valley2006brochure_webready.pdf

Just thought I would add!
2006 poly Avocets will be triple layer, approx 2lbs lighter and feature the same outfitting as the 2005 Aquanaut RM

2006 Glass Avocets are approx 5-6 lbs lighter and also feature new outfitting.

epoxying in the bulkheads
Is it true that Valley wil no longer be glassing in their bulkheads?

In the standard Glass/Diolen kayaks all bulkheads will still be glassed in

In the new vacuum infusion pro and ultra Kevlar constructions we use Kevlar bulkheads and bond these in with a high strength adhesive. The adhesive and method used is the same as used in motor racing/aerospace

Thank you Peter.

The epoxied bulkheads will still withstand being braced against?

Same question
My feet can’t tolerate bracing against footpegs anymore - got too spoiled by that nice cushy foam block.

New Valley boats

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First, I take this opportunity to praise VCP for starting to use current technology in the construction of kayaks. Something that is overdue among British builders it seems to me. Your reply suggests to me only the lightweight versions will be constructed using a vacuum procees to create the hulls. Correct? What accounts for the reduced weights reported for the "normal" layups? Closer monitoring of resin in the composite? In addition to weight, is one motivation for kevlar/epoxy bulkheads reduction of stress risers which seem to bedevil boats with heavily glassed in bulkheads?


Thanks for the Clarification
I was appparenty misinformed and under the impression that all the composite boats were using the epoxied bulkheads.

Yes the bonded in bulkheads in the vacuum infused kayaks are strong enough to brace against.

Yes the vacuum infusion process is only currently being use on the pro and ultra Kevlar models, although the standard glass diolen construction has been revised using more cloth reinforcement reducing weight and resin ratios

more cloth reinforcement
Am I correct in thinking that raising the cloth to resin ratios should strengthen the boats as well as lighten them?

Yes because the total fibre content of the structure is higher

Cool news
Thanks! The layup changes are all sounding very good. (now about that cockpit size… :wink: