VCP Avocet question

Does the glass Avocet have more volume and is taller in the cockpit section than the poly version? Is there any other noticeable differences between the poly and glass version?

It seems the poly Avocet cockpit is snugger than the composite.

Poly is a snug fit and the thigh braces
are very different in the poly than the composite versions.

What is different about them? Would you please go into a little detail? Thanks.

Avocet sizing
The Avocet RM is slightly lower in volume than the composite one, meaning that it does suit a slightly smaller padder. The difference is not as great as some would lead you to believe although the shape, size and outfitting of the cockpit does accentuate the slight sizing difference leading to a snugger fit

LV Advocet?
I remember reading somewhere that VALLEY was coming out with a LV Advocet. Does anyone know if this will be in both composite and poly or will it just be in composite to bring it down to the poly volume? I’m a little concerned because I was planning on purchasing a RM Advocet (mostly for play) the end of April but am wondering if I should wait a season and see if the LV fits me better. I’m on the smaller side. 5’7" 145 lbs.

Paddler weight limit?
What does Valley consider as the upper weight limit of the paddler in the Avocet as a day use boat before they sink it too deep for the playfulness it is was designed for, providing that they do fit in it?

We currently have both RM and composite Avocets in our family fleet. My son who is currently 5’8" 130 pounds and typically paddles a Pintail. However he began in a RM Avocet at age 12 5’2" 90 pounds. With a little additional microcell foam the RM avocet was a good fit. We both prefer to play in the surf with Avocets (slightly better tracking). I would agree that composite feels a little snugger than RM. Once again a little work with microcell foam works wonders. While training with Dale Williams he commented there was very little difference between composite and RM especially in the first years. To me my decision would be based on where I was going to paddle (i.e. rock gardens versus nice sandy beach) the actual size differences between the two (which can only be determined by demo’ing both). Which ever you choose both are excellent boats.

similar size

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I am 5'9'', ~145lb

Fit is OK for stock 2005 cockpit - no foam.

ps. 2005 Avo RM

Weight Limit
Last time I looked on the Valley site the upper weight limit was 190 pounds, ideal range was 110-130. However, I work as an instuructor and guide for outfitter and we have had people up to 200 pounds in an avocet without issues. However, this was a flatwater enviroment. In rougher water I would consider 175-180 to be the top of the scale.

what about gear?
This is interesting because one may have to account for camping gear if touring. The gear/food/water alone can be 30lb’s . Are you saying that the total added weight should be around 175-180?


Weight ratings
Just went ot the Valley site ideal weight range for Avocet 85 to 170 pounds. Max weight 220 pounds. I’m roughly 170-175 lbs and have no problem with my weight and equipment & food for 1 to 2 day paddle using backpacking light weight equipment. Day trips with this boat always include spare paddle, emergency equipment/food/spare clothes/emergency shelter/bivy sack. Have paddle this boat force 4-5 conditions with this gear with no performance issues. Longer trips I use Valley Q-boat or a QCC 700 which are better suited for longer expeditions and a higher level of gear for comfort.

Thanks for the info. I am planning some kayak camping for the first time this summer (1-2 nights) and thinking about gear and weights. I weigh about 175 and so I’m encouraged by your experience.


On a good day …
I’m shy of 200lbs. and regularly paddle an Avocet RM with gear. It handles fine.

Re: the fit, there is a significant difference in fit and comfort between the older models with the old foam seat and the 2006 and newer boats. I have a 2004 boat and friend has a 2006. The older style seat in the 2004 is much more comfortable than the enhanced seat used in the 2006, so much so that friend has ripped his seat out and is going to try to replace it with the older style. Also, I’m not convinced the enhanced (and adjustable) thigh braces are better either. The newer Avocet is just not as comfy for me or friend as is the older model.

The newer plastic is noticably lighter in weight however, so the old seat arrangement in the new triple layer hull might be win-win. Are you listening, Peter?


That’s why I’m wondering
about the LV Advocet. If it handles fine for you at 200 lbs + gear, I’d think I’d be blown all over the place at 145 lbs with no gear.

I paddle an older RM at 160 lbs with minimal gear, and it does fine. It was too big for my 120-lb wife.