VCP Deck Rigging Max Cord Size?

What the largest size cord you can use on VCP recessed fittings without running into problems? I’m not looking for overkill, just want to know what the largest cord I can realistically fit is. Thanks

5 or 6 mm

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if I recall corrrectly. getting the 6 through should be a bit gnarly perhaps get a pointed heat fused end and stretch it a little to go through?

what is the “stock” size?
any idea?

I think. pretty winky, IMO.

Pete’s right, 4 is cake, 5 is tight and 6 near/if not impossible.


Thanks for the help everybody.

Pointed ends on cord and vice grips
can do lots of nasty stuff. when I moved away from dad (who sold automobile parts and pro tools) he got me a set of vice grips including fine jawed pliers. I have 1/4 inch bungies on my explorer. My deck line is 5 mm and I do not want anything stouter. Now about that cleat for the skeg rope…