VCP Hatch Cover:

So, you are just loading up your gear for that eagerly anticipated kayak outing, and you notice that one of your hatch covers is about to crumble in your hands. Well, if it hasn’t gone too far, you can get a few more days out of it. An, “as seen on TV” product called, “Mighty Mend It” will do a pretty good job of holding it together until you can find a replacement. In fact, the bond will be stronger than the, as yet to fail, surrounding area. For extra protection, snap the remains over a plastic bag, and paddle on. I imagine there are other products out there that will do as well, but this is what my wife had on hand, and it did a pretty good job.

Good suggestion
I’ve also added a piece of heavy polyethylene plastic tarp and a bungee cord (both properly sized) to my emergency repair kit, in case of loss or damage to a hatch cover while tripping.

Good luck!


Duct tape too.
Once those VCPs get to that stage, they just start falling apart. I tried Aquaseal and it worked perfectly but then it just cracked in another place.

I have temporary neoprene hatch
covers that I bring with me in my gear bag. If I were tripping, they would come with me and are nothing more than spray skirts without the tunnel. They work well and pack pretty good too. Bill

temporary hatch covers – where?
Bill, I once saw one of those temporary hatch covers at a symposium where a coach lost a day hatch cover. Another coach handed him a neoprene hatch cover that looked just like a spray skirt. It was great! Where do you buy those things? Be good to have one or two.

G in NC

Re: temporary neoprene hatch covers,
Where can you get them? How much can they withstand? Like breaking surf, or rolling? I can’t imagine the covers for the large oval VCP hatch being able to withstand very much. Gluing up the deteriorating cover I initially described, and snapping it over a plastic trash bag, gave me a full day of rolling practice and general activity. Would one of these temps have done as well? Of course if the less than 3 year old hatch cover hadn’t failed in the first place…

Palm makes them…
…and you should be able to find them with a quick Google search. I can vouch for the effectiveness of the small cover, but I haven’t had the occasion to use my large one. Even so, they’re quite rugged, fit very tight and seal perfectly, so I have no doubt that it will work fine.

thanks, Brian
I’ll look up Palm.

G in NC

VCP rubish
I have hatches from VCP that are fine but apparently some idiot thought it would be nice to have a biodegradable hatch.

Thanks guys, we need degrading boats!

beach ball
I carry a deflated beach ball in my emergency kit. Place it in the hatch, whether it’s full or empty, and inflate until a tight seal has been achieved around the inside of the hatch coming. No need for a replacement cover.

VCP material change?
I have VCP hatches on a Nordkapp that are probably 10 years old. I 303 them now and then and they’re in great shape.

I have a VCP day hatch on a Necky that can’t be more than 5 years old and it just fell apart about a month ago. Holding it in my hands I’m pretty sure it’s made from a different, softer material.

Anybody know anything about this change? Was it done to save money, or to make the hatches more like the Kayaksport hatches?

I bought mine at Riverside Kayak
Connection in Wyandotte Michigan. I don’t know who makes them as there were no tags on them when I bought them. I have seen the large oval work in rolling conditions, but I have no idea of what kind of surf they could withstand. They are not cheap either, I think I paid $29 for small round and $40 for the large oval. RKC phone is 1-734-285-2925.


Temporary hatch covers:
Not having any luck finding these. If any of you find a source, please post it.

Riverside Kayak Connection
RKC phone is 1-734-285-2925. They are made by Seals, but can also be had from Reed I believe. Ask for Sarah and she can give you the information. Bill

Reed Emergency hatch covers

– Last Updated: Jun-16-10 9:54 PM EST –

Reed makes emergency hatch covers; light wt aquatherm w/bungee. 8/10" round, 16/17" oval. Small & compact, always in my day hatch.
Check or call 757.439.3179.

Second Wind Sports
I just ordered VCP-specific temporary hatch covers made by Reed from Second Wind Sports. Very reasonable prices and, I believe, Falcon is the owner of the company.

…on Virginia SeaKayak’s online store are these located? I’ve checked twice and can’t locate temporary hatch covers.

Try Kayak Centre
in Rhode Island. You’ll have to call them. Emergency hatch covers are not listed on the website, but I got them there a couple of years ago.

Or …

Rubber and UV don’t mix really well, you need to do some maintenance to keep them from falling apart. Ideally store the boat inside, if not turn it over outside so the sun isn’t beating on the covers all day. And as mentioned, one of the UV protectors help be it FP 303 or one of the others.

Bill H.

Reed makes them