VCP kayaks: able to get seat first??

I’m 5 and 10,155 lbs. Will I will be able to get seat first in the Aquanaut or Avocet. See I’m searching for a take-apart kayak and there’s not a lot of compagnies that make them. I know I would be able to sit first in a Romany or Explorer, cockpit is 32 inches, but since there’s quality problems and the Canadian dealer is hundred miles away… I’m more into buying from VCP. But I want absolutely to be able to get seat first. Help me guys, it’s very frustrating not having a dealer nearer.


both of those kayaks should allow you to
cowboy sit down and then pull your legs in, but there’s no way to tell unless you actually paddle one for sure.

What I’ve found
I’ve found Valley seats tend to be located further forward than some others.

I am 5’ 11" & have a Skerray. I found it very hard to enter that way due to forward seat and

the low deck typical of the valley boats. As I was not a fan of the contour of the

factory Valley seats, I fixed both issues by removing the factory seat & putting my own seat closer to the rear. Butt first is now possible with out “bind up”

Seat first – cowboy style
I’m 5’11" and 165 and can sit first and then pull my legs in quite easily in my Avocet RM. (The Skerray RMX cockpit opening is slightly shorter and its more of a challenge but still doable). One thing that helps when “cowboying” the Avocet is the low back deck allows you to lean way back, which in turn makes it easier to haul the legs in.

I wouldn’t discount
the NDK boats made after August 1, 2003. That’s when the new QC program started and my kayak built in Sept. 03 is excellent. I really like the fact that I can sit my butt down in the Explorer seat first and then put my legs in.


I wouldn’t bet on them either…
…at least not until we see what they look like. If he special orders a take-apart and it’s got problems, he’s screwed. Realistically, VCP is a much safer bet.