VCP: paddler size and boat weights?

I just received a GRO catalog, and was drooling over the Aquanaut. Can’t afford a glass one this year, but I need a good plastic for these rocky W.Pa. rivers. But the RM Aquanaut is listed for medium to large size kayakers and the glass is listed for small to medium paddlers. (At 4’11", I need the lower volume.) Also, they both weigh 59 lbs. I’m confused. Does anyone have an RM Aquanaut - or can someone clarify this for me? Thanks! (Of course, I don’t REALLY need another boat…)

Maybe the glass version…
has a smaller cockpit. And it’s funny how boats that supposedly are the same except for materials turn out not to be identical in dimensions.

I paddled an Aquanaut in glass
last fall and compared it directly to a glass Avocet. I am 5’7 and my wife is 5’6". We ended up buying the Avocet in glass for her instead of the Aquanaut. Main reason was the length. It is easier for her to handle than a long boat and she is very happy. I also love to paddle the boat as well. I had a little trepidation about not having a long boat but after owning the Avocet I am happy with the choice. Both boats are heavy of course. Avocet also comes in plastic. You will win either way. Comes down to how much you want to pack I think.

Have fun.


Aquanaut - Avocet

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My wife and I both test paddled composite Aquanauts. We both liked the boat. I have one on order for myself (6', 180lbs) but it was way too high volume with too large of a cockpit for my wife (5'4", 135lbs).

If it is a Valley boat you would prefer, and RM, then the Avocet RM is probably the only choice.

I tried
an Avocet and thought it seemed a little big, but obviously I need to demo them all again!

A little bi
Dont forget that for a really good fit it is often necessary to pad the interior of the kayak. MY wife and I both liked the VCP aquanaut. I am 6 feet 210 lbs and it fit me like a glove; I will need very little padding. My wife is 5 feet 5 inches, 120 lbs, and I will pad it out so that it fits her like a glove as well. When a kayak performs well and you like the feel on the water, it can always be padded to allow a customized fit. It doesnt take long to do the padding either.

True - fit
It is very true that just about no cockpit is going to fit perfectly without some additional padding etc…

The Aquanaut that fit for me had just enough added padding in the hips to provide good contact. Also, though originally I felt its fit ideal, I am adding significant padding at the hips in my Elaho. The more rolling practice I do, the snugger I want my boat to fit.

The boat feeling ‘right’ to you in the water is maybe the most important factor. Most cockpits can be made to fit.

Be certain to paddle as many boats as possible before you buy. Also, remember that your purchase is simply your FIRST kayak.

Wilsoj2 -

Have you and your wife picked up your Aquanaut and Explorer LV yet? Can’t wait to paddle my Greenlander Pro when it warms up a little more. Still cross-country skiing as of last weekend.

Still waiting…
We plan to pick-up our boats from MIKCo in May.

It has seemed like an eternity, but we did tell Tom Bergh we wanted to pick them up in the Spring.

We will be going up for a couple of days so we can test them and final fitting can be done.

The Hudson is unfrozen up here… so you must have a lot of open water. You must be itching!