VCP Quarajaq

From the GRO website:

QUARAJAQ is the new Inuit style kayak for medium size paddlers. The long, narrow low profile kayak with hard chines and small rocker should please kayakers who are looking for a traditional style boat which gives fast and exciting ride over the waves. It is the traditional kayak built from durable modern materials with first class outfitting.

Available in Spring 04.

Quarajaq dimensions: 18’ x 20’5".

There’s a picture if you go to the website:

a “stretched Out” Anas Acuta. How about going the other way. Say… 16.5’x 19" beam and no more than 6" aft deck height. :slight_smile:

Darn it. I wish that Japanese company would get going and begin getting some of those smaller greenstyle boats over. Of course, dollar to yen would kick the buyer in the wallet… :open_mouth:


I just realized the photo of the Quarajaq on the GRO site is really the Anas Acuta with some digital alterations. Notice how the rocker of the chine doesn’t match. There must not be a real photo available yet.

Anas Acuta
That’s greek for pain in the ass, isn’t it?

Hey! Welcome Back BJJ!
We have not had much discussion denigrating brit boats, nor had much in extolling the virtues of Perception since your hiatus. :slight_smile:


It’s actually Greek
for Northern Pintail duck. leave it to the Brits to name them nearly the same, tho such different boats!!


genus and species, I think… usually Latin. I like your informal translation, though.

It’s all Greek to me.



“duck” in Cantonese. :slight_smile: Not recommended as a boat name though. To say in cantonese that “I am sitting in my duck” is just not right… LOL.

so I’m not the only one who
spotted the fraud.

Why would someone do such a thing!!!

Let’s hope…
…more work went into the actual design. :wink:

Specs look interesting - maybe an inch narrower though, and…

Better off building a SOF I think.

I Would Agree…
but the big “fear” is the lack of bulkheads for some winter paddlers. No room for wet exits, 'cause draining a flooded SOF, even with float bags, is near impossible in any waves. (Okay, okay, I am speaking for myself.) But once, you have balance brace and scull, you can do just rest there if need be.


iit was the dream and hope of low volume
nuts everywhere, but it was not to be, it is really a high volume version of the original.

the dimensions are not all that enticing
an 18’ long boat with a 20.5" beam I already have, I wanted one that was 18-19 inches wide with a really low aft deck. Thinking of building the cunningham stitch and glue plan which is 18’long and then just narrowing the beam to 18-19". Not sure if that would throw off the performance of the hull, but I think I would like surfing and playing in a boat with about 6" of aft deck and only 18" of beam.

The Amatuer Designer
in me says that if you don’t increase the rocker to compensate for the narrower beam, you have a straighter tracker than the orginal. I figure edging the boat on the hard chine creates a curve. If the beam is narrower, than there is less of a curve. However, if you put on a tad bit more rocker, you increase (maintain) the curve.

Warning: amateur, amatuer!!! Caveate: second and third opinions are needed. Go to to kayakforum!


yeah it’s an interesting
point that decreasing the beam and not increasing the rocker would make it finer tracker. I’m not sure if I care about that or not. I think I already have a straight tracking fiberglass boat, maybe a little more rocker could be fun…

We’ll see.

if it sinks
lower into the water, it will track better. yes, Sing, you are right.

Rocker is a good thing, as it also decreases wetted surface/ friction. Hitting the fine line of rocker vs tracking is the key.

Having to edge a boat to get it to turn (as an only option)can be a PITA. Surfing and rough play are times when it’s nice to have some rocker.