VCP Quarajaq?

I’m not even sure if any are in the country yet, but has anyone had the chance to paddle this new boat from VCP?

not until 2005
according to this link at AKT

But GRO told me…
GRO told me that they would be seeing the first of the Quarajaq’s in the May/June time frame. Perhaps shipment has been delayed? Or perhaps that one shop won’t be getting them until 2005? I don’t know. I suppose I’ll have to contact them again to find out what’s up.

You have to admit though, that is a promising looking boat.

VCP Quarajaq
I think Valley is behind on their production schedule. The original availability date was May 2004 but has been pushed back until 2005 according to the folks at Annsville Creek. I was considering the Quarajaq but opted for a Greenlander Pro because the Quarajaq wasn’t available to test.

The Quarajaq looks like it’s going to be a terrific kayak although it will have much less cockpit volume than the Pro (cockpit size will essentially be the same as an Anas Acuta except with a keyhole cockpit). As a taller paddler (6’2") with long legs, I vividly remember my difficulty squeezing into an Anas Acuta. Nevertheless, I’ll probably be one of the first ones taking the Quarajaq for a test paddle when it becomes available.