VCP Skeg Cable

The skeg slider is located behind the cockpit and is about one foot shorter then if it was placed by my left knee. The problem is it’s too loose. once it is deployed, it drops all the way down.

What are your suggestions to fix this? Thanks Alot… Tom

Rear slider?
You have rear mounted slider skeg, not rope?

I agree, that doesn’t sound right
VCP cable skeg controls are typically mounted near the left knee. Their rope skeg cleats are typically at the left rear corner of the coaming. If you have a cable skeg control mounted aft, it must be a custom installation.

Probably a custom installation
I’ve heard of a few people requesting the slider skeg control mounted aft so as to not bother their knee. The shorter the cable, the less friction, so an increased propensity to slip down. My friends VCP skeg used to slip down when car-topping but it always held in the water. I don’t know any solution for this off the top of my head. Maybe Flatpick has some ideas…

put a piece of minicell foam in the depression that the slider ‘grip’ sits in so the cable has to run through it before passing into the deck. it’s not a permanent solution but will last for quite awhile. when the foam gives out or the cable wears it to the point that there’s again not enough friction, just replace it.

nice idea
maybe a thin layer of gelcoat in the same spot.

I like the idea of a rear mounted slider. My knees and thighs are quite big so they often bother me. After using it a bit I can handle the rope skeg control OK but a slider is more articulate.