VCP skerray fiberglass info anybody?

Does anybody own our have experience with

fiberglass Skerray. Seems like info, reviews

very limited on a boat thats been around for

a while. Was wondering how much of a differnce

between fiberglass model & plastic version.

Was talking to GRO & they mentioned its alot

straighter tracking & faster then RMX model.

Then after talking to one owner & some research

its suspose to be quite maneuverable. Don’t have

close demo to check out fiberglass model & not

really big on plastic boats(demoed rmx really

liked but want to stay fiberglass).

I owned a Skerray. Liked it but the high back deck, ocean cockpit and a bum shoulder did not mix.

Back deck
Back deck does look kinda high, I think I’ll

hold off on fiberglass model & try to find

a good deal on plastic model. Thx

I own a skerray. I also find the back deck is a bit high. To me the cockpit in the plastic version feels a bit smaller. It turns easily with leaning or edging. It’s fast and has plenty of storage for trips.