Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the Perception Illusion 14’ with Necky’s Vector 14’?

The dimensions seem to be similar, though necky’s seat looks deeper. Wondering if anyone out there has had the chance to paddle both.

Bonus for me if you have an opinion on the RTM Disco relative to these two as well.


paddled the Vector 13 and 14 and bought the 13. Both are well made SOT’s with excellent fit and finish throughout. The difference between the two was very small with regards to speed, handling, and turning. The 13’ was a little easier/quicker to turn for me, which is important as I’m often on fast moving rivers with snags, rocks, etc. After owning 5-6 SOT’s in lengths from 12-16’, this 13’ Vector is easily my favorite. You owe it to yourself to paddle as many kayaks as possible and compare as they all behave differently.

13 looked diferent
thanks, will certainly demo 1st opportunity. had my illusion for years and it has served very well. i ve had it on the water for hundred of hours and countless miles. it resides in my old garage which now belongs to the X. thought I might try something different.

thanks again.