Vega Canoes

Does anybody have any information on a 12 ft fiberglass canoe made by Vega? Was this a Pat Moore design? How did they paddle?


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Check your Adk paddlesports forum.

better than the car
Hopefully they don’t have an aluminum head that melts after spirited use.

Vega Engines
The Vega engine had an aluminum block and an iron cylinder head. The block had no steel or iron liners, the cylinder bores were treated with a silicon alloy to be hardened. The engine should have had an aluminum head. The cast iron head on top of an aluminum block had the same problem as an iron block with aluminum heads, different co-efficient of expansion. And in 1970 the now standard DEX-COOL inhibited anti-freeze did not exist. Standard ethylene glycol did not work well with aluminum and tap water. Depending on the quality of the tap water used to dilute the anti-freeze, people had little or big problems.

People jump all over GM for the Vega, but it was a safer car than the Pinto, and its motor was no worse than the VW Rabbit’s that just lost oil pressure and seized up at speed.