Vegetarian Paddlers

What do you like to take along on weekend trips?

Avacado jerky

I go that way sometimes
angel hair pasta, sun dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, dried vegetables (from frontier) dried cheese (same) fantastic foods black bean dip, tabouleh, hummus in a cooler, pita bread, slice veggies with the hummus, mapl sugar and arrowhead mills pancake mix. cold process powdered milk. bear mush. steel cut oats.

now my steel cut oat recipe. four parts poining water one part oats put in hot thermous overnight and heat and et in the morning. Low fuel cost and vastly superior to rolled oats.

You know what to do!

If you have the time and the fuel…
Soak dried beans or lentels all day in a Nalgene bottle (I use sea water). Rinse and add spice and olive oil and fresh water and simmer for an hour or so. Smells great while you’re having your evening cocktail on the beach.

I’m not a vegetarian but this is a good way to get protein without meat.

Who is going to be the first to say…



While I’m only a vegetarian during the work week (Out of necessity — it’s that or statins), I do on occasion go on trips just veggie.

I usually bring things like red beans & rice, black bean soup, soynuts, various dried fruits & veggies, etc. Emphasis on beans and green veggies, and on fresh stuff that will keep a few days. I’ll usually bring some cheese, too.


Not my idea - one of our camping group this last weekend pulled out a fantastic looking meal of fresh cut vegetables to saute with pre-cooked frozen tortellini. Also had frozen cannolis, which along with the tortellini had thawed to just the right point by the end of the day.

Vegetarian, old indian word for…
“bad hunter”.

Seriously though, I’d like to paddle with Peter just to sit down wind of his menu! How about olive oil with kosher salt, garlic clove, fresh rosemary, oregano, and sweet basil crushed and sprinkled over. Dip pita wedges, quartered bagels, or focaccia. Box-o-wine (sans box), a hard cheese like gouda on the side, and watch the sunset. Personally, I’d add some summer sausage also, as I cannot give up my carniverous ways. :wink:


humans were meant to be vegetarians, then why do we require vitamin B-12, which is not found in vegetables. And why do we have teeth that indicate that we are omnivores? Being a strick vegetarian (vegan) is a recipe for megaloblastic anemia (lack of B-12), and iron deficiency anemia (yes, I know some veggies have iron, but iron is absorbed best when the source is meat, especially RED meat). Of course, you could take a supplement, but then you must admit defeat in the argument that a vegan diet is more natural. I love veggies, but I’m not about to give up beef, chicken, fish, lamb, etc. Everything in moderation is a good guide (except, of course, kayaking!!!)


How about…
A big, juicy porterhouse steak…ummmmmm!

Good stuff
Thanks for all the suggestions!

As for the debate about b-12, I eat fish which is my source.

vegan for 16 years
and its not because i believe that vegan is more natural. humans are omnivores but the systems of cruel confinement and slaughter of animals and the vast energy use to produce meat precludes any cravings for hamburgers. B-12 is in a lot of the food that i eat (soymilk, unpasteurized miso, many of the mock meats, cereal etc.) as well as loads of calcium and iron. the silly arguments that we are meant to eat meat or which diet is the most natural don’t really apply i believe in minimizing the impact i have on the degredation of the planet and the suffering of animals, being vegan or vegetarian is a step towards this.

so to the real question, jerky made from seitan is great for on the water energy high in protein and iron, miso soup instead of coffee, powdered soy protein powder and one of those shaker mixer bottles for making protein shakes, “good tasting yeast” mixed up with macaroni is great dinner food and tastes somewhat like mac and cheese and has loads of B-12.

nowadays with all the soy meat alternatives just think of what you like to eat and then look for the meat alternative. my new discovery are sausages made by tofurkey (yes you can laugh) which taste very close to real sausages just without the greasy aftertaste and have 29g of protein per sausage so are great fuel for tired muscles.

Fantastic vegetarian meals

Moderation is good for most
But there are some of us who simply cannot eat red meat without consequences.

My mother’s side of the family generally die in their early 40’s from heart disease or diabetes. And unfortunately, I inherited mom’s genetic time bomb.

I keep vegetarian monday - friday, and eat only fish & poultry for meat on the weekends, and yet I still have high cholesterol. I excercise 6 days a week (Paddling, cycling, racquetball, weights, etc etc etc), and that’s what keeps my arteries clear. Cardiologist has recommended that I never eat red meat or pork again given family history. He also wants me to give up cheese, but that’s not an option beyond cutting down for me.

Considering that I have high blood pressure, arrythmia, and cholesterol issues despite the good things I do, I can safely assume that I’d be dead or close to it already (I’m only 42) if I ate the standard american diet.

Right now, I’ve got all my risk factors under control without undue intervention, and diet is a huge part of the reason why.


I don’t…
think that was the question. why do people constantly want to inflict their opinions in conversations that are irrevelant(spl?)?

Thanks everyone
thanks for the input and the links.

B12 isn’t made by
animals either. It’s made by microorganisms which are more easily found in association with animal products, but which also live in plant products.

The argument that we weren’t “meant” to live a certain way doesn’t mean much. Were we “meant” to type on laptops and paddle boats made from ancient hydrocarbon deposits?

As Harvard biologist (and fellow Walden Pond lover) E.O. Wilson has pointed out, if all people on earth ate as Americans do, we’d need 4 earths to support them. One hamburger has been calculated to cost 75 square feet of rain forest. A pound of beef requires as much water as a half-year of daily showers. You can feed about 10 times as many people from an acre devoted to edible plants as from an acre devoted to livestock. Thank goodness such a high percentage of the world’s people choose vegetarian diets!


And furthermore, X15…
if you want to consider what we were “meant” to eat, don’t forget that humans have 3 types of digestive enzymes: one which digests animal protein, one which digests plant matter, and a third which digests chitin, of which insects are made.

OK, rant over, sorry,


JackL you told me
that you smoke grass not eat it!

I think that ripping…
…young carrots away from ther moms is

equally cruel.

But I can’t help wondering if peope are veggies

(and remember: you are what you eat) because

they love animals or because they hate plants.

Grass is very inefficient to live on. S’why cows

have four stomachs.

I prefer to get my grass from meat. And I can

use the canine teeth god gave me.