Velcro for Thermarest seat pad?

I am outfitting a new kayak. Using a Thermarest seat pad – most comfortable thing I ever sat on in a kayak. Need to attach it to the kayak, so it won’t float away in rescue practice or an accidental capsize. I was told to use Velcro strips. But then i was cautioned not to use some kind of Velcro that is so tough it will destroy the seat pad if i attempt to remove the pad. (Who knew?!)

My questions: exactly what kind of Velcro do I need and where do i get it?

Thank you!

Nanci does the same thing
and uses the sticky back Velcro that is about an 1-1/2 inches wide and about 8 inches long. She uses two, (front to back) She says When you first put it on leave it on for 24 to 48 hours or it might pull off.

She also says thanks for reminding her. She needs to put some on her new seat

Another thing she does is to find where your two butt bones are and carve holes. Makes the seats even more comfy.

You can get the stuff in Lowes, Walmart and in a fabric shop you can buy it by the yard.

Jack L

Thank you, JackL!
Lowe’s and Walmart both nearby. Cheers,

G in NC

tips on velcro

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I know what they mean about destroying the pad -- if you attach the peel and stick velcro to any kind of foam or even the nylon shell of a thermarest, the sticking power between the hook and loop can be so strong that if you grasp the pad and try to pull the pad out, the foam may give way and tear loose from the tape completely, leaving shreds on the adhesive and a big gouge in the foam, or, in the case of the Thermarest, it can tear loose the internal structure of the pad. The way to avoid this is to make sure that the velcro strips you put on the pad are MUCH longer than the strips you attach to the boat.

This serves two purposes. One is that it enables you to position the pad in a wider range of locations.

Second is that it means when you want to pull the pad loose, you can reach under and make sure that you grab the hook tape attached to the pad and pull from there, placing force on the tape itself to separate it from the loop tape affixed to the boat rather than putting strain on the pad iteself by pulling on it directly (hope I have explained that clearly enough).

Very clearly explained . . .
Thank you!