venezuela? CAURA river

anybody know anything about the Caura river, which flows into Orinoco in venezuela? its supposed to be quite wild, but is it “folbot”-able?


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I don't know what folbot-able is. I can tell you that the river is large for many miles upstream from the Orinoco. For some long distance upriver from the Orinoco, let's say 50 miles, but I really have no idea, the river is flat with riffles here and there. After that, the river is still big and powerful, but there are sections of whitewater. In some cases, these are more like waterfalls. At one point you will then get to the spectacular Para Falls. Not as big as Angel Falls, but a lot less visited. That whole stretch will be pretty empty, an occassional village or fishing boat. The jungle seems endless there. At least it did in 2000. There are trails into the forest, but you'd never find them without someone to show you. The river has some mineral in it that keeps away the mosquitos. The pui puis still come out at night, but they're tolerable.

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There is a frequent poster who lives in Venezuela and he may be able to give you some more info

Caura River
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