venture capella 160 vs ws tempest 165

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Im shortlisted down to these two roto yaks available at my local dealer and will have a final paddle at a demo this weekend.

Im kinda on the fence, anyone experienced with both have a preference?

Is the plastic better on these new capellas vs that soft WS plastic? Less oilcanning etc?

Im 155lbs, 5'10" and in paddle minnesota/wisconsin rivers and lakes, as well as a bit in lake superior.
Looking for sporty upgrade from my Pungo and to learn more advanced yak technique.

Third choice?
Any reason you are not also considering the P&H Scorpio LV? If your dealer can get a Capella, they should have access to both Scorpio models.

I have paddled all three. I have previously owned the Tempest 165. I currently own the Scorpio LV and that’s my final answer.

I paddled the scorpio too … its a beaut but gotta draw a budget line somewhere and 2100 bux for a plastic kayak is a bit steep.

you could also look for
a used Capella from previous model years when P&H made them in the tough 3-layer “Corelite”… you can find them for under $1000.

Venture Plastic
I have one on the Showroom floor in front of me. The plastic is rather stout stuff. With the bit of vee to the keel line it adds additional stiffness in the hull area where your legs would be. This is usually the flexy-ist area as it’s the broadest area without structural support.

Very nicely appointed kayak for $1500. If you click with it on the water, it’ll serve you admirably.

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WS roto…
FWIW, sorry I can’t compare the capella’s plastic to the WS, however, I’ve been punishing my WS zephyr for a lot of trips, several of them 4-6hrs. long on the rav4,(narrow roof rack span), @70+mph,oilcanning is minimal and temporary,(pops back in short order). It spends overnite on the foam craddles and is fine after the next days paddle. I’m the same size as you and just picked up a tempest 165pro, love the boat & fit.

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How does it fit?
I tried both a Capella and WS T165 when I was shopping many years ago. Between the two, I think it should come down to how the boats fit. If I recall correctly, the cockpits in the two are rather different. WS has a pretty fancy seat - but it is also heavy and complicated. See how getting in and out of both boats is.

Personally, I would worry less about the differences in material and more about how each boat feels.

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WS seat
The WS seat in the tempest/zephyr is one of, if not the best. The foot pegs leave something to be desired.

no to cap 160rm
Frankly, I don’t see how that boat can fit a person measuring in at 5.10

cap 166rm should be a better fit

You do know that for just a little bit more you can get a used composite boat in a really good condition?

I have both…
I have both a P&H Capella 160 RM and a T-165 composite. Neither exactly what you are asking about, but close. I’m 2 inches shorter and at least 20 pounds heavier.

The biggest difference is in the fit. The Capella just feels bigger. I liked it when I started, but it feels too big now. The T-165 is a better fit for me with much better thigh contact.

Advantage Capella on the plastic.

Advantage Tempest on the fit.