Venture Easky 17

I’d like to hear comments on the Venture Easky 17. I paddled one at a kayak demo on a calm lake a week ago and it seemed like a good boat for a very good price. By good boat I mean it seemed fairly quick yet not difficult to turn, comfortable for a bigger paddler, and had good secondary stability. What I don’t know is how well it does in bigger water with windy, wavy conditions. Thanks.

for the price it is a great boat
it handles well wind and waves. There are definitely better boats out there but not for that price.

FWIW, I’ve got an Easky 15 that I’ve paddled in some fairly sloppy S.F. Bay conditions and it’s felt very secure and stable. For an inexpensive boat, I really like mine.

I purchased a Skye 17 last Sept…

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it appears to be the same boat as the Easky 17 with the only difference being the name.

I recently was out on lake Erie in 5'+ waves and had a blast. As you said, good secondary stability. The Skye handled it all pretty good.

See this link for my South Bass Trip Report:

P.S.: You may want to add some extra lash points on the rear deck to add more bungee. I did so right away. It was the only thing I felt was wrong with the design.

Name change. Next year probably a deck change to match the current Easky 15, 15LV and the 13.

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