Venture Easky Durability?

-- Last Updated: Jul-26-09 12:19 AM EST --

I sat in the Easky 15 and 17 today and wondered with the flex and seemingly thin material just how durable it would be?

no less durable than any other
The Easky 15LV weighs in at 46lbs. For a poly boat, that is an incredibly low number considering others in this size range live in the mid 50’s for weight. The Easky’s are solid performers and are too often overlooked. I highly recommend them.

I have had a Easky 15ft
about 3 months. I have paddle it in every thing from small black water creeks to 2ft swells in open water.On the creeks I have run over low water sandbars,logs, rocks and other underwater objects with only minor blemishs to the hull. On one trip in particular ,I paddled a mine field of underwater objects. I expected a lot of battle scars after the paddle. Again only minor surfaces scratches. I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a lot more damaged based on what I hit that day.Some W.System boats I owned in the past scuffed a lot easier than my Easky has thus far.

We use them for instructional boats
And they hold up as good as any other…